The art of fixing Vespa scooters is dying. This niche skill is a difficult one to master, especially with the increasing rarity of vintage Vespas. Our mechanic, Duy, has fixed over 1,000 Vespas! Check out this post for more info, and learn about how this scooter became legendary in Vietnam here.

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Exploring The Magical Angkor Wat

By Summer & Kayli www.getbusyexploring.com June 29th, 2017  What a day exploring the world’s largest temple. Alas, our long awaited adventure around The Magical Angkor Wat had come. And what better way to transport us to each temple than on the back of Vespas. We started our day by meeting our group at the Independence Royal Gardens outside the same Spirit House we were at the night before. After our brief meet and greet and a quick banana snack to start our day off, we then jumped on the Vespas and made a pit stop at the ticket office to get our temple tickets and have…
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6 Reasons to Visit Hue, Vietnam

  Hue - home to the old Kings of Vietnam. Prior to the French colonisation of Vietnam, Hue was the capital city. It thrived and flourished. This city is geographically in the centre of this long country, perfectly situated in a mountainous valley which creates a natural barrier to enemy forces. Another natural feature of this city allowed it to boom is the Perfume River. Here are 10 reasons for you to travel to this Imperial City on your trip to Vietnam. 1. The History The history of this area is fascinating. Walk through the Imperial City and imagine a…
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Hoi of Hoi An: Family Temple Keeper

by Cassidy Armbruster Meet Hoi; a man as wise as he is friendly. At 80 years old, Hoi is the full time keeper of his family’s ornate and colorful temple, or ancestral house. The Phan family temple has thrived for 15 generations, and Hoi is of the 13th.  Hoi spoke fluidly and without sadness when he told Phi, my awesome tour guide and translator, that when he passes away, this duty will be taken on by the next generation, that being his younger brother.  Hoi explained that this 200-hundred-year old temple comes alive every year on the 10th of February…
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Vietnamese Rice Wine

  "Mot, Hai, Ba, Dzo!". This is the ubiquitous phrase for "1,2,3, Cheers!" in Vietnamese. If you're at a party, Vietnamese wedding, or just enjoying dinner at a local restaurant, you'll without a doubt hear this famous phrase yelled out repeatedly. While travelling in Vietnam and meeting the locals, it's often a sign of friendship when offered a small shot of rice wine. Be careful, because this stuff can be dangerously strong! Most commonly, people are yelling out their cheers and clinking together mugs of beer with ice or small glasses of Vietnamese rice wine. The latter of the two is deeply…
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Keep Vietnam Clean & Green

Vietnam is a beautiful country. The diverse landscapes of Vietnam include cool mountains, stunning beaches, and unbelievable farmlands. Vietnam has it all. If you've travelled here, you'll know its beauty- not only in its landscapes but in its people & culture as well. Here at Vespa Adventures, we strive to help keep this country beautiful, which inspired us to get involved. In 2015, our team started doing community clean-ups. We didn't know what it would lead to, we just wanted to pitch in and help to tidy up some litter. Like any developing country, litter unfortunately exists.  Rohan Bark, who publishes…
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Sizzlin’ Banh Xeo – Vietnamese Pancakes

  Thuy runs our favourite Banh Xeo restaurant in Saigon. This restaurant was built in 1945 by her grandmother, who can be seen in the painting above, as a way to provide not only income but also as a way to feed her siblings who she had to take care of. Now, it’s almost unbelievable to see how this restaurant has transformed into a favourite local spot, serving around 100 Vietnamese pancakes per day. If you visit the restaurant, you’ll see Thuy taking over many responsibilities - from waitressing, being a cashier, and even cleaning up the tables. Banh Xeo, also…
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7 Reasons to Eat Street Food in Vietnam

You're coming to Vietnam - you've read about the street food, you've heard about the street food, but will you try it? You may be on your way here, telling yourself "Of course I'll try it!". But to be honest, upon first arrival, you may become wary of what you'll actually try. There's not likely to be a menu in English and it is more unlikely that the staff will speak great English. We've come up with 7 reasons to eat street food in Vietnam to help ease your worries!  1. It's great value. Street food exemplifies the phrase "bang for…
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Trinh’s Story – In Her Own Words

As a foreigner working and living in Vietnam, I get invited to a lot of weddings. Vietnamese weddings are huge, and people invite just about everyone they know. However, I recently got invited to an engagement ceremony. This was unusual to me, since back home typically a friend will call and say "I got engaged!", but in Vietnam the call to say "I'm getting engaged!". It's a planned ceremony, and much more intimate than weddings. My friend, Trinh, is actually a tour guide here at Vespa Adventures in Hoi An, Central Vietnam. I asked her about her love story, and…
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Vietnamese Weddings

  Celebrations reflect a lot about a country's culture. Wedding celebrations in Vietnam are giant, and if you've travelled to Vietnam then you've probably seen (or at least heard) one happening. These ceremonies are huge and the bride & groom invite just about the entire village, around 200 or 300 people! The details in this post reflect a typical Central Vietnamese countryside wedding. Weddings differ a little bit throughout the country, especially in larger cities. I'd like to thank two members of our team in Hoi An - Phu and Phuc - for allowing me to use photos from their weddings!…
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Driving Motorbikes in Vietnam

We get a lot of questions about driving Vespas & motorbikes in Vietnam. Regarding our motorbike tours, we recommend that guests ride on the back of our experienced drivers so that they can fully experience their surroundings. When you're driving, you must concentrate on the road. If you're riding on the back, you can be more aware of the locals, sights, and scenery of this wonderful country.  In Saigon, there are an estimated 7 - 8 million motorbikes on the streets every day. That's a lot of motorbikes! If you're a foreigner (which you most likely are if you're reading this post),…
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The Best Phở in Saigon

Phở - the archetypal dish of Vietnam. Travellers from far and wide come to Vietnam, hoping that they will eat the best bowl of Phở. We've been in Saigon for a long time, and we think we've found the best bowl of Phở in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City). It's a super local place where you'll rarely see a tourist at a table. First- we need to explain what makes one bowl of pho better than another. There's a few key components to Phở, which are combined in a bowl for one outstanding meal. You'll be craving this dish for…
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