The art of fixing Vespa scooters is dying. This niche skill is a difficult one to master, especially with the increasing rarity of vintage Vespas. Our mechanic, Duy, has fixed over 1,000 Vespas! Check out this post for more info, and learn about how this scooter became legendary in Vietnam here.

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Phnom Penh Nightlife – The Last Stop

by Craig Bowman Our tour guide just told us we are headed to our last stop of the night. We have been to several places and according to my watch, it is near the end of the tour, but it just seems time has gone by so quick. Our last stop already? Our group gets on our Vespa’s and leave Independence Monument after a brief history lesson and picture opt. We cruise for a quick bit and stop on the side of the street. At this time, although it is a big sized street, it is rather dead and a…
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Coming Soon in 2016…

We are excited to say that we will be operating in Phnom Penh, Cambodia in 2016! So far, we're sharing the culture, meeting the people, and tasting the flavours of Saigon, Hoi An, & Siem Reap. However, we want to share even more with travellers from far and wide. We're opening in Phnom Penh in 2016, and can't wait to show you this wonderful Cambodian city. The sorrowful history of this area gives one a new outlook on everyday life, and will give interesting insights to the current culture of the city. The foodie scene is bound to "Wow!" you…
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