The art of fixing Vespa scooters is dying. This niche skill is a difficult one to master, especially with the increasing rarity of vintage Vespas. Our mechanic, Duy, has fixed over 1,000 Vespas! Check out this post for more info, and learn about how this scooter became legendary in Vietnam here.

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Lunar New Year in Vietnam

      Tet is the celebration of the Lunar New Year in Vietnam. It is a tradition passed down from Chinese culture, but the Vietnamese have their own style of doing things.  It’s the most important holiday of the year, and can be celebrated up to a whole month long. Companies have big Tet parties to celebrate and award their employees. (Check out ours from last year below!)   In 2016, Tet will celebrate the Year of the Monkey , beginning with Lunar New Year’s Eve on February 7th. Colorful lights, lanterns, and an abundance of fragrant flowers will line the…
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The Ao Dai – A Traditional Vietnamese Dress

-The Traditional Vietnamese Dress- Ao Dai's (pronounced like "Ow Zai" or if you're in the Quang Nam Province- "Ow Yai") are the traditional Vietnamese dress for women. If you've ever been to Vietnam, you've probably seen a lot of these traditional dresses, whether it was on locally made artwork, girls biking home from school, or even at your hotel reception desk. It consists of silk pants and a matching silk top that has long panels on the front and back.  -High School Uniforms- Girls are required to wear Ao Dai's once they go into High School- Year 10. I don't…
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Vietnamese & Cambodian Holidays

Vietnamese & Cambodian Holidays Here's a calendar of all the major holidays and celebrations in Vietnam & Cambodia. Make sure to look out for blog posts detailing more about the holidays!
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The Cambodian Water Festival

Bon Om Touk is an exciting celebration that occurs once a year in Cambodia. Bon Om Touk, also known as the Cambodian Water Festival, celebrates the reversal of the Tonle Sap River. The Tonle Sap River reverses twice a year, lining up with Cambodia’s rainy and dry seasons. When the water from the Mekong River flows into the Tonle Sap River, a large lake forms. This takes up a vast amount of land. When the river reverses however, there are silt deposits that enrich the soil for farming and the fish are abundant. Bon Om Touk occurs on different dates…
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Hoi An Full Moon Festival Dates

Every month in Hoi An, on the 14th day of the lunar calendar, Hoi An celebrates the full moon with locals placing offerings on their ancestral shrines and burning incense. Tomorrow will take at extra special significance as this is Tet Trung Thu (Mid Autumn Festival). Local kids form groups and perform incredible Lion Dances in elaborate costumes in the streets of Hoi An before and during the festival. These ‘lions’ will also go into shops and homes and start dancing as a blessing of luck and fortune. It is customary for locals to give ‘lucky money’. It is primarily a festival for…
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