The art of fixing Vespa scooters is dying. This niche skill is a difficult one to master, especially with the increasing rarity of vintage Vespas. Our mechanic, Duy, has fixed over 1,000 Vespas! Check out this post for more info, and learn about how this scooter became legendary in Vietnam here.

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The Wild-Life Mekong

Two Day Tour Starting at 8:00am

Experience the wild Mekong most visitors never see, as you ride down country roads and take in the unique scenery of this extraordinary region. This is a journey into the un-trodden Mekong that will bring you into contact with the people and wildlife that inhabit the delta. The tour highlights include Vam Sat national where you will visit the bird sanctuary, take a boat ride though the mangroves to bat island and, best of all, have the chance to feed the legendary Mekong crocodiles. You will also join the locals on the ferry across the Vam Co River, one of the largest rivers in the Mekong Delta system to visit the biggest clam farm in Vietnam (1,300square hectares) and enjoy lunch at an amazing stilted restaurant built out over the sea.

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Day 1 – 8:00am (Lunch, Dinner, and Snacks included)

We will pick you up from your hotel in Ho Chi Minh City and drive on the back roads to Nha Be. We’ll stop to visit a shrimp farm and incense maker before visiting the vibrant Can Giuoc market with a quick break for some tasty snacks. We’ll then head toward Go Cong amongst the rice fields via Kenh Nuoc Man Island. Here we will visit a traditional rice wine production household and an ancient house with 130 pillars dating back to the 18th Century. Further along the road, we will visit a traditional mother of pearl inlay village and see many types of agricultural production. The tour will continue toward the mouth of the Mekong and visit a clam farming area in Tan Thanh. While sitting at a stilted restaurant over the sea, we will enjoy a delicious seafood lunch. After lunch and a bit of relaxation, we will head back to Go Cong town while making stops to mix with locals. We will then check into a local hotel and get refreshed. After resting, we will enjoy a classic Vietnamese dinner. We’ll then tuck into the local small hotel for the night.

**Highlights – Can Giuoc Market, vibrant rice paddies, Kenh Nuoc Man Island, rice wine production, ancient house, mother of pearl inlay village, clam farming area, seafood lunch at stilted restaurant, Vietnamese dinner, stay overnight in local hotel.

Day 2 – 8:00am (Breakfast & Lunch included)

After a quick breakfast, we’ll start the day zooming through the Mekong Delta on vintage Vespas. We will take a local ferry across the Can Giuoc River to Vam Sat Wildlife Park. At this fascinating Wildlife park, we will explore and see the wildlife that once inhabited a majority of Vietnam, but is now endangered. We will take a traditional Vietnamese canoe through the river and spot out clusters of large fruit bats in the trees. Also, interact with the crocodiles and get a once in a lifetime chance to feed them up close. (Don’t worry- it’s safe!)We will enjoy a delicious lunch at Vam Sat Wildlife Park while keeping an eye out for wildlife in the surrounding jungle. On the way back to the city, we will stop to see a Cao Dai temple.  After this, we will take the ferry back to Can Giuoc and relax by the river with drinks to watch the sunset on the water before heading back to Ho Chi Minh City.

**Highlights – Meet local families, shrimp farm, incense maker, local ferry, Vam Sat National Park, seeing endangered species, feeding crocodiles, classic Vietnamese lunch

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$287/Single, $549/Double or Twinshare- Kids Under 12 Receive 30% Off

Safety is a priority for us, so we prefer if guests ride behind our experienced drivers on this tour.

Please leave large luggage at your hotel in Saigon, and bring a small pack for this trip! If you have questions regarding this, please contact us.

If you’d like to drive your own Vespa, we’ll give you a short driving test at the beginning of the tour to make sure you feel confident on the streets of Vietnam.

**Note – This 2-day Mekong delta tour is held on Vespa scooters the entire time. 

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