Photo Contest at Almanity Hoi An – July 5th, 2015

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Want a chance to win a FREE Vespa Adventure? This Sunday, July 5th, might be your lucky day. Head over to Almanity‘s monthly Sunday Brunch for a day full of dining, drinking, and hangin’ out by the beautiful pool. You’ll have 2 chances to win a tour – enter the free raffle drawing during brunch, or snap a photo with our vintage Vespa located at Almanity to enter our photo contest.

How to submit your photo:

It’s easy! Just simply upload your photo to Facebook and tag Vietnam Vespa Adventures & Almanity. Make sure your photo is set so it can be viewed publicly. The lucky winner will be announced on Monday, July 6th on Facebook. 

(Having trouble tagging us? Make sure to like our page & Almanity‘s first!)

Here’s all the details for July 5th:

almanity hoian


See you Sunday!