Brand Loyalty (in which a guests gets our logo tattooed on his arm)

By ladmin

Tattoos have not traditionally been looked upon in Vietnam with much regard, but in the past year or so a few tattoo and piercing shops have opened in the Pham Ngu Lao ward where backpackers tend to congregate. You also see increasingly more young Vietnamese kids wearing them, which surely drives their parents berzerk (which is probably the point in many cases).

In late September we received an email  from Stuart Vella, a guest on our October 2 tour to Nha Trang, who asked where he could get a tattoo in Saigon. Not unusual, in itself, but what really got our attention was his choice of artwork. What Stuart specifically asked was: “Where can I get your logo tattooed on my arm when I arrive in Vietnam?”

We could hardly believe our ears. But it was true, Stuart Vella was so juiced about the tour he was about to take with us that he wanted a tattoo of our logo on the inside of his right upper arm. We were able to direct Stuart to the new Saigon Ink on De Tham Street, just up the street from Cafe Zoom, and the rest is  –  well, you can see the result for yourself in the attached photos.

We like our corporate slogan, “The ride of your life.” But Stuart Vella took it literally, bless the man. That’s what we call brand loyalty. (We’re also pretty crazy about the custom helmet Stuart crafted for himself. We’re thinking about making these compulsory on all future tours. The custom helmets, not the tattos, though it is something worth considering..)