Cambodian Sugar Palm Juice

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In the mood for a sweet and refreshing cold drink?  We recommend grabbing a cup of fresh sugar palm juice to cool down on a hot day in Cambodia. 

Cambodians are amazing at utilizing their surroundings in everyday life. Sugar Palm trees provide wood for many things such as large boats or even small chopsticks, the leaves can be used to create airy thatched roofs, and the flowers create one of our favorite drinks- Sugar Palm juice. 

Harvesting the juice

Cambodian Sugar Palm Juice

Many families sell Sugar Palm juice as an extra source of income. Typically, the young men in the family are in charge of skillfully climbing up the tall trees and attaching large bamboo containers around both the male and female flowers of the tree. These bamboo containers fill up overnight, and the next morning they are collected by the agile climber. This fresh juice is then strained multiple times- watch out for bees during this process because they love this sugary treat!- and then poured back into the large bamboo containers.

Cambodian Sugar Palm juice

Then the multiple juice containers are strung together, hung on a bike or over someone’s shoulders, and carried off to the market.sugar palm juice

Want to try some for yourself, and interact with a local family that makes this juice? Join us on our Countryside Life Tour to see this and much more.

sugar palm juice