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Love this video posted last week from Mark, Sin, D, and Chris of their July 6-12 Nha Trang Coastal & Highland Adventure. Guys, we're totally using this in our marketing materials!
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We've long been fans of online travel guide Travelfish, which specializes in Southeast Asian destinations. In fact, Travelfish is our own first go-to resource whenever we're doing any exploring in the region. We've used it in Bali, Singapore, Cambodia, Malaysia, the Thai islands, and of course here at home in Vietnam (if we ever get to Laos, we'll use it there, too). So we practically wet ourselves with excitement last week when Travelfish Vietnam editor Angela Schonberg contacted us about joining one of our Saigon After Dark tours for a possible write-up. She and her boyfriend joined us on a…
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Vietnam Vespa Adventures Nails 100 Reviews at TripAdvisor

04 September 2011, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam – Custom scooter tour provider Vietnam Vespa Adventures today reached a milestone for customer satisfaction that puts them in a class of their own: 100 total customer reviews at social media-powered online travel website TripAdvisor. The achievement places VVA in a singular position among Saigon-based tours of every type, as no other tour operator in the region can claim so many positive reviews on the popular site. The  overwhelming response from satisfied guests of the company's five tours places them among the preeminent custom tour providers of any kind in the city.…
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We’re at 99 TripAdvisor reviews and counting!

One review to go before we hit triple digits. We've been waiting a long time for this - since February of this year, when we first signed up for TripAdvisor. And all the party plans are in place. Will it be today? This weekend? We're all atingle over here.
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The Century Mark Approacheth

No, we don't have a lisp, we've just that darned excited about how close we're getting to 100 TripAdvisor reviews. The latest post yesterday, from Ira in Singapore, puts us within a mere 5 reviews of the Big Number. Heck, we can count that high on just one hand! The icre cream cake is in the fridge, the bubbly is chilling, the party hats are on order (which is just as well, as a crowd of tipply lisping people in party hats might result in a mistaken impression). Wheverever you are, Ira, thanth!
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From Melbourne to Hidden Saigon in 24 Hours or Less

Last week we received an email from Aussie Robert Harper, who joined our Saigon After Dark tour on July 1 with his 12-year-old son: Thursday night tucked up in front of fire watching telly in Melbourne, 4 degrees outside. The next night we are Zooming around Siagon on Vespas with some great people -- what a buzz!”
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Our Favorite New Review of the Week

My group of 4 friends (all early 20s) spent 4 days & 3 nights in the city. While we visited the usual attractions like Cu Chi Tunnels and the War Museum. This Vespa Tour was the highlight of the trip, for all of us! My experience first started about a month before the trip, when i emailed Vespa Adventures to ask about the availability of their night tour. Steve was especially helpful and patient as i clarified all the nitty gritty details about the tour. He even agreed to send Vespas to pick us up from our hotel (which they…
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Moms’ Night Out with the Williamses on Saigon After Dark

The Williams family from Brisbane joined us last night for our SAD tour (we really need a new acronym for that one, don't we? Perhaps SDK?). A blast was had, even though Dad Williams stayed home at the hotel. It all evened out, as we were joined by VVA General director Ton That Thien Bao and his mom visiting from Orange County, California.
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“Best Part of Our Trip So Far”

This is my first review ever on TripAdvisor - I signed up just to give Steve and his team a glowing review for their Vespa tour through Saigon. We did Saigon After Dark, and the tour was perfectly arranged. The food is AMAZING. I was hesitant to do the nighttime tour, since I figured all of the street food in Saigon is delicious, but you absolutely will not find food and experiences like this on your own. It's a great way to see the city, and the vintage Vespas are beautiful, but the food was out-of-control delicious. I think all…
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Video Goodness from Amsterdam

Two of our guests hailing from Amsterdam last month enjoyed the Saigon Insider's Tour and After Dark Tour so much they made three videos that they shared with us. Have a peek. And thanks, Albert & Claudia!
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A Great Week at TripAdvisor

We’re pretty excited about a couple of things that happened for us at TripAdvisor this week. First, we hit 70 reviews! Considering that we only joined TA in February, that’s pretty amazing. And then we got word from TripAdvisor that Vietnam Vespa Adventures has won a 2011 TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence. What does that mean? Well, TripAdvisor awards this certificate to businesses who consistently receive excellent ratings from their members. We think our 5-star rating and our 97% guest satisfaction is something to be proud of, and we’re excited that TripAdvisor has chosen to recognize our dedication to our guests…
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“Brilliant Tour”

Here's a lovely new review today from a guest writing on TripAdvisor: We booked an afternoon tour for 4 adults and 4 children,(aged 16, 12, 12 & 5 1/2) . The youngest in our group was only small so Steve organised their most experienced rider for her. Also being fair haired she attracted a lot of turned heads as we rode around Saigon and became part of the throngs of motorbikes zooming through the streets. It was so much fun. We were picked up outside our hotel in the heart of the backpacker district and whisked off for lunch at…
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