Fall Promotion for Anh Phu Neighbors!

Many thanks to everyone at Saturday's Bazaar @ The Deck who took a free Vespa ride courtesy of Vietnam Vespa Adventures! We spoke to scores of you about the half-day and evening tours we offer in Saigon as well as the multi-day trips we provide to Mui Ne, Nha Trang, and (soon) to Hue. It was a pleasure meeting you all! Many of those we spoke to Saturday accepted a coupon from us good for 15% off any of our local tours. We only regret we weren't able to give out more of those vouchers. Therefore we'd like to extend…
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Picture This

Love this video posted last week from Mark, Sin, D, and Chris of their July 6-12 Nha Trang Coastal & Highland Adventure. Guys, we're totally using this in our marketing materials!
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We've long been fans of online travel guide Travelfish, which specializes in Southeast Asian destinations. In fact, Travelfish is our own first go-to resource whenever we're doing any exploring in the region. We've used it in Bali, Singapore, Cambodia, Malaysia, the Thai islands, and of course here at home in Vietnam (if we ever get to Laos, we'll use it there, too). So we practically wet ourselves with excitement last week when Travelfish Vietnam editor Angela Schonberg contacted us about joining one of our Saigon After Dark tours for a possible write-up. She and her boyfriend joined us on a…
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Comme ci, comme ça

Last Tuesday evening we were joined on our Saigon After Dark tour by Christina and Danny from Richmond, Virginia. We've got to hand it to this über-cool couple, who described themselves right away as "very laid-back," which was a huge relief to us as it was pouring rain like the end of the world for most of the night. What's more, we quickly learned that both Christina and Danny are strict vegetarians - as in they eat "nothing that moves." This was their first evening in Vietnam, so these two had not yet learned that in Vietnam, anything that moves…
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Fallen Angel

Seen at our second stop, in District 4, during a Saigon After Dark tour last weekend. Angelic lottery seller with a rather naughty T-shirt. To be fair, I don't think she spoke a word of English.
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East & West Traveler magazine pours on some love

Aw, snap. East & West Traveler magazine features a phat feature about us in their August issue. This is the kind of press that we love - where we can really tell the whole story of what we do. That requires a double-truck color spread in the feature well, 1500 words minimum. Thankfully, that's just what we were given. Hats off to the friendly & classy folks at East & West Traveler, especially Ms. Nga. Go pick yourself up a copy! Or, if you're not in Vietnam, click through the embedded link and read it online. Have a look at the…
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Look at the Size of this Group!

Last night was a doozie for us - three groups on our Saigon After Dark tour. One of them was this group of 10 Aussies who'd ridden Down from Hanoi. That's a lotta Bia Hoi!
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Day 1 Orientation

Tour manager Josh Baker runs through orientation with the members of our July 17 tour after an intro to the Vespas at Steve's house. "Watch out for cows, chickens and water buffaloes "
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From Melbourne to Hidden Saigon in 24 Hours or Less

Last week we received an email from Aussie Robert Harper, who joined our Saigon After Dark tour on July 1 with his 12-year-old son: Thursday night tucked up in front of fire watching telly in Melbourne, 4 degrees outside. The next night we are Zooming around Siagon on Vespas with some great people -- what a buzz!”
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Moms’ Night Out with the Williamses on Saigon After Dark

The Williams family from Brisbane joined us last night for our SAD tour (we really need a new acronym for that one, don't we? Perhaps SDK?). A blast was had, even though Dad Williams stayed home at the hotel. It all evened out, as we were joined by VVA General director Ton That Thien Bao and his mom visiting from Orange County, California.
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“Best Part of Our Trip So Far”

This is my first review ever on TripAdvisor - I signed up just to give Steve and his team a glowing review for their Vespa tour through Saigon. We did Saigon After Dark, and the tour was perfectly arranged. The food is AMAZING. I was hesitant to do the nighttime tour, since I figured all of the street food in Saigon is delicious, but you absolutely will not find food and experiences like this on your own. It's a great way to see the city, and the vintage Vespas are beautiful, but the food was out-of-control delicious. I think all…
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Winter (Such As it Is) into Spring

With the beginning of June's rainy season just around the corner and the slow tailing-off of high visitor's season, things have become slightly less frenetic around Cafe Zoom and the Vietnam Vespa Adventure offices (a couple of tables in the back of Cafe Zoom). But that doesn't mean we haven't been busy - or that we're not running around like ants at a spring picnic preparing for upcoming tours. Two weeks ago we hosted a big group for our seven-day Nha Trang tour -- three Australian couples and a pair of Americans from San Francisco. The six Aussies -- Peter…
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Two Weeks on the Road

Josh and Walter are just back from a pair of back-to-back, week-long tours to Nha Trang, and we're not sure we'll ever walk entirely straight again. I flew into Dalat Saturday evening to join up with groups, this time a crew of seven who were doing the full Vespa Adventure -- seven days worth of scootering from HCMC to Nha Trang. By the time I met up with them around dinnertime, they'd already been riding for three and a half days, having traded the the pang of sea salt and drying fish for the fragrance of fir needles and wood…
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