Coffee & Sugarcane Juice in Vietnam

By admin

Coffee is a huge part of Vietnamese culture, economy, and cuisine. Introduced by the French, the production of coffee in Vietnam has increased so much that it is now the second largest coffee producer in the world (Brazil is the top producer). The most common thing to do when you have free time in Vietnam is go to a cafe with some friends, sit back, and relax with a strong cup of coffee. The most famous style of coffee in Vietnam is “cà phê sữa đá”, or Vietnamese Iced Coffee. Cà phê sữa đá is made with sweet condensed milk and strong, thick coffee served over ice.

Sugarcane juice is another popular drink in Vietnam. It’s sweet and ice cold, so it’s a great option on a hot day. Most places will offer a splash of kumquat juice and a dash of salt so enhance the flavour. It’s a must try and can be found on street corners throughout the country.