Comme ci, comme ça

By ladmin

Last Tuesday evening we were joined on our Saigon After Dark tour by Christina and Danny from Richmond, Virginia. We’ve got to hand it to this über-cool couple, who described themselves right away as “very laid-back,” which was a huge relief to us as it was pouring rain like the end of the world for most of the night. What’s more, we quickly learned that both Christina and Danny are strict vegetarians – as in they eat “nothing that moves.” This was their first evening in Vietnam, so these two had not yet learned that in Vietnam, anything that moves is considered fit for consumption. So this created a slight problem, as our After Dark tour is heavy on food of the animal variety – particularly seafood, which we were assured, does in fact move, even if it’s a snail or a clam.

But these two weren’t to be put off by either apocalyptic rain or a proliferation of roast beast, contenting themselves with a variety of noodles, vegetables, and meatless versions of banh xeo and springrolls. Our first very damp drive to District 4 was even unironically called an “adventure.” Kudos to you guys!

Though the rain stopped midway through the tour, the two of them fell in love with the music and ambience at the little cafe we visted after dinner – even to the point of begging out of another stop at Club Yoko so we could stay and enjoy the local singers. A favorite was a version of the French classic “Comme ci, comme ça,” which seemed especially appropriate for the evening. Give it a listen (click on the link), and see if you can hear sighs of delight in the background.