In which Steve becomes a local media source

By ladmin

Yesterday we received a nice mention in a short article posted by author David Lloyd Son, reproduced here. In the article, about the changing face of Vietnamese journalism, Son quotes Steve on being a foreign business owner in Vietnam and working with local media.

In Saigon, Stephen Mueller, owner of two businesses – Green Energy Biomass, and Vietnam Vespa Adventures – reflected on the media both here and in his native United States. “Something that the media here has done is open my eyes to how blatant the agenda of some news corporations in the USA are. When I go back to the States I look at things differently. I see their angle more clearly – take Fox News for example, their bias is abundantly clear.” As a business owner Stephen says his experience of dealing with the media here has been largely positive but his wife has her own concerns. “She’s not keen on me doing television, she’s afraid I’ll say something that might be misinterpreted – that can happen all too easily here.”