Mr. Ngai the Restaurateur

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white rose hoi an

Mr. Ngai lives in Hoi An, Vietnam and owns the famous restaurant, White Rose. This dish is a classic Hoi An specialty and only one place in town makes it. This recipe was started by Mr. Ngai’s grandfather 100 years ago. The dish is made with a special shrimp paste that’s skillfully placed into delicate rice flour dough and shaped into a beautiful White Rose and steamed to perfection.  The White Rose is then topped with crispy fried scallions for a little crunch.There’s also a special fish sauce to go with this- one that no one in town can make. The water is from a special well in Hoi An, and the balance of sweet and saltiness is absolutely delicious. Many places in town sell White Rose, but actully most of them buy the dish from Mr. Ngai’s restaurant, and recook them. That’s why Mr. Ngais restaurant is the best in town.

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