5 Reasons to Drink Sugarcane Juice in Vietnam

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sugarcane juice vietnam

If you’ve ever been to Vietnam, then without a doubt you’ve seen small carts selling Nước Mía. Nước Mía is sugarcane juice, and we recommend this as a must-try drink. These carts are typically covered in neon colors so they’re hard to miss. You may be thinking that a cup of sugarcane juice is an unhealthy sugar overload, but it actually isn’t. This sweet juice is made by crushing sugarcane stalks in a machine, either hand-cranked or electric. In Vietnam, the most popular way to enjoy this tasty drink is with a splash of citrousy Kumquat juice and a dash of salt to bring out the flavour. The juice is then poured over ice, making this perfect for hot summer day in Vietam. 

So why should you drink sugarcane juice while you’re in Vietnam?

 This drink is healthier than you may think.

sugarcane juice 

  1.  After walking around and sightseeing all day, a cup of sugarcane juice can help give you an energy boost. It’s also high in fiber (almost half of the daily recommended serving), something which a lot of Vietnamese food lacks.

  2. Sugarcane juice is packed with antioxidants and electrolytes. If you’re dehydrated, Nước Mía is a great fix to get you through the heat (or hangover!).

  3. Speaking of hangovers… sugarcane juice is also beneficial for your liver and protects it from damage. 

  4. Did you eat some My Quang for lunch? Grab a cup of sugarcane juice. It has properties that help with bad breath.

  5.  It’s not super sweet or syrupy as one may think. It’s delicious and refreshing.

Go grab a cup! Sugarcane juice typically costs between 5,000-15,000VND depending on your location. Enjoy!