The Kids Are All Right

By ladmin

Last Saturday, the whole VVA team cruised out to Saigon’s District 2 where we set up a booth and a dazzling display of promotional materials at The Deck for their quarterly Bazaar @ The Deck, where a horde of regional vendors decamped on the swank grounds of the riverside restaurant/bar to ply their wares in front of the local Anh Phu and Thao Dien residents. We rubbed elbows with custom tailors and adventure trek services, makers of gecko-shaped refrigerator magnets (bought one) and handbags crafted from recycled plastic shopping bags (bought two), vendors of T-shirts bearing images of historic Vietnam and hawkers of tiny, self-contained herb gardens. But mostly we chatted up people walking into and out of the event and gave free Vespa rides around the neighborhood to their kids. That’s what we were there for, after all – to let these fine folk know about the superlative services we offer, and to give free rides. All in all it was a terrifically successful day — if you count success in promotional vouchers handed out and enormous smiles on kids’ faces, which we do.