The Art of Vespa

By admin

Vintage Vespas are becoming increasingly difficult to track down in Vietnam. The same goes for mechanics that have the skill to fix them. Vespas are unique bikes, and not everyone takes the time to learn about fixing them.

Our Vespa mechanic, Duy, has been working on Vespas for years. His uncle taught him this dying trade, and Duy has been continuously perfecting this skill for the past 25 years. He’s fixed over 1,000 Vespas! Duy is passionate about his career, and passionate about Vespas. They’re his favourite type of bike. There are an estimated 8 million motorbikes on the streets of Saigon every day, however, these special scooters always stand out from the crowd and are bound to turn some heads.



Vintage Vespas have 2-stroke engines. They also have a manual clutch & gear change on the left handlebar, which differs from a typical automatic manual bike where the manual clutch is located on the left handlebar, with the gear change located at the foot. 

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