Vietnam Vespa Adventures Nails 100 Reviews at TripAdvisor

By ladmin

04 September 2011, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam – Custom scooter tour provider Vietnam Vespa Adventures today reached a milestone for customer satisfaction that puts them in a class of their own: 100 total customer reviews at social media-powered online travel website TripAdvisor. The achievement places VVA in a singular position among Saigon-based tours of every type, as no other tour operator in the region can claim so many positive reviews on the popular site. The  overwhelming response from satisfied guests of the company’s five tours places them among the preeminent custom tour providers of any kind in the city.

“It’s a hugely gratifying moment for us,” says company founder Steve Mueller. “Our mission from the beginning has been to place customer satisfaction above all other considerations, because we believe that a great business is built on top-quality product and excellent service. Getting to 100 reviews at TripAdvisor is for us an affirmation of everything we’ve worked for.”

The review that vaulted VVA into the triple digits is typical of the testimonials that guests of the company’s five local and regional tours have to say about their experience on the site and elsewhere.

“Words cannot do this trip justice,” wrote Ronnie Blaire, a guests on the company’s one-week Nha Trang Coastal & Highland Adventure. “The 7-day trip will leave me with a lifetime of memories I will never forget. You are definitely not just another tourist here, these guys take you in like one of the family. Nothing was too much trouble. You will never find experiences like this on your own or on a tour bus. I’ve never had so much fun or adventure, truly the adventure of a lifetime.”

“What makes this achievement especially meaningful for us is that these 100 reviews describe a picture of our company, our tours, our employees, and our service that is more accurate than anything we could ever say about ourselves,” notes VVA partner Patrick Sharbaugh. “That’s the beauty of a site like TripAdvisor. These testimonials are unblinkingly honest. They give us a 98% satisfaction rating, which is extraordinary, but they also point up places where we can improve. And we take those recommendations very, very seriously.”

Vietnam Vespa Adventures has been providing unique vintage scooter tours in Saigon and southern Vietnam since 2007 – longer than any other local company. Although their product is often copied by other local operators, none can duplicate their commitment to service nor the stylish, luxe experience of riding through Saigon and southern Vietnam on beautifully restored Vespa scooters from the Golden Era of the late 1960s and early 1970s .

TripAdvisor is the world’s largest travel website and online travel guide, with more than 45 million worldwide visitors per month. The site taps into tap into travelers’ collective knowledge and enables them to share their experiences and advice in a fully transparent way, without editing or filtering content.

To learn more about VVA, their tours, the company’s history in Vietnam, or anything else, contact Patrick Sharbaugh at or +84 01225656264.

Hi-resolution photos available on request.