Vintage Vespa Hunting in Saigon

We were featured on a television show in Australia: Vintage Hunter. In the show Vintage Hunter, flea market junkie Dominic Johnson-Hill takes us on a journey across Asia to find captivating curios and antiques, both valuable and intriguing. It can be like finding a needle in a haystack, but whatever happens, it’s a road trip that Dominic always gets a kick out of. Flea markets are haunts for colorful characters from all walks of life. As the Vintage Hunter, Dominic gets a different peek at history via its collectors and their prized possessions.

In this episode of Vintage Hunter, Dominic traveled to Saigon looking specifically for a vintage Vespas, and what better place to find one than here. Vespa scooters have been in Saigon since the 1950’s, and when the country closed its doors to foreign influence, the locals were forced to maintain these bikes. In other countries, as the Vespas became outdated, they were discarded as junk. It can be compared to the number of classic American vehicles that you can see driving around in Cuba today.

Dominic had success and he was able to find an authentic Vespa for $1,400 and immediately brought it to Steve at Café Zoom for further inspection.  Steve was able to point out to Dominic what made it authentic and what a bargain he had found with this bike.

Dominic loved Café Zoom and its Vespa theme. After hanging out at the Café with Steve and some of his friends, Dominic hopped on his newly-bought Vespa and Steve took him on a tour of Saigon to show him some of the sights.

After driving through the city and stopping here and there, Dominic was brought to our showroom to see the motorbikes used here at Vietnam Vespa Adventures. Needless to say he was impressed at the number of vintage bikes and that he had a blast with Steve.

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