The art of fixing Vespa scooters is dying. This niche skill is a difficult one to master, especially with the increasing rarity of vintage Vespas. Our mechanic, Duy, has fixed over 1,000 Vespas! Check out this post for more info, and learn about how this scooter became legendary in Vietnam here.

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Steve Mueller first moved to Vietnam in 1998 and it didn’t take long for him to fall in love with the multitude of vintage Vespas that were present in the country. He bought his first vintage Vespa for 300 dollars and hasn’t looked back since then.

In 2007, Vietnam Vespa Adventures was formed and began to offer unique and exciting tours throughout the city.

Our goal is to provide our customers with luxury, unique and authentic services and tours that exemplify Asia and its culture. We offer unique, culturally immersive tours of Saigon on a daily basis, as well as multi-day packaged trips from Ho Chi Minh to Mui Ne and to Nha Trang. New exciting team building exercises designed for corporate clientele are also offered.

With a management team that consists of members with long-term academic and practical tourism industry experience, it is understood how important intimacy and comfort is for a tour. Every tour is conducted on our vintage Vespa motorbikes and is personalized to cater to the guests’ needs and comforts with superior attention to detail.

As our company motto states, we want our guests to have “The Ride Of Your Life“, and we stand by what we say. We strive to ensure that our guests visit different sites around the city that are off of the beaten tourist path, all the while making sure they have a wonderful time and the experience of a lifetime.


My name is Steve Mueller and I moved to Vietnam 18 years ago from Hawaii, although I’m originally from Charleston, South Carolina in the USA. I first came to Vietnam in 1996 as a traveler, part of a one-year journey around the world. Of all the countries I visited, Vietnam lured me back to live and continue that journey. Since then, I have fallen in love with the country, the culture and especially the people. I even married one.

During my early travels in Vietnam, I saw the vintage Vespa everywhere; one of my first priorities when I returned to live here was to get some wheels, and only a vintage Vespa would do. I bought my first Vespa, a 1968 Sprint, on my third day back and it became a huge part of my life. My passion for Vespas subsequently led me to a successful restoration and export business. My Vietnamese wife, Phuong, has been a large part of that success; her savvy and local business knowledge has always provided us with an advantage. Her business acumen has also allowed us to run our other very successful business venture, Café Zoom.

Located on a busy corner, Café Zoom is the only Vespa themed café in Saigon. One of our favorite ways to relax and spend time is to gather a group of friends together at the café and explore Southern Vietnam on our Vespas. We make these trips several times a year. I’ve always enjoyed sharing the stories of our adventures with our guests at Café Zoom and almost everyone wanted to share the experience. Thus the idea for the Vietnam Vespa Adventures was born.

I am most proud of my third company, Green Energy. Designed to help protect the environment and reduce our carbon footprint, we began refining waste vegetable oil into biodiesel seven years ago. We are continuing our research and development into other arenas of biofuel production.


Kim Phuong is a co-founder of Vietnam Vespa Adventures, and also a native to Saigon. Born just after the end of the war period she grew up while the doors of Vietnam were closed.

When the doors of Vietnam opened to the rest of the world she helped her family in the Central Fresh food market after school every day , and eventually started her own stall selling fresh produce.

With the proceeds from the market she was able to open Café Zoom 16 years ago. Café Zoom is the meeting stop for Vietnam Vespa Adventures.


Originally from the historic city of Hue, Central Vietnam, Bao has been a resident of Saigon since 2008 with a biofuel project.
Graduated in 1993, from Hue University with the major of English language and Tourism Management and later added an MBA specialized in Marketing, Bao has started his tourism career in the early stage of Vietnam Tourism.
Till now, with more than 20 years of experience in tourism industry, Bao has been developing Vietnam Vespa Adventures into a professional and customer oriented company.

The founder of Cambodia Vespa Adventures is Akim was born near Siem Reap province during the time Pol Pot was in power. Life was tough and schools were not available, at this time her grandfather, Loung Sake, was the Chief Monk (Grand Abbot) of the entire Angkor complex, respected through the ages as a sanctuary. This is where Akim was raised. It is unusual for a girl to be educated by monks, but as Loung Sake’s granddaughter she enjoyed that privilege and lived in the Wat Angkor Kang Chuong (Angkor Wat Pagoda). Under his guidance the monks at Angkor educated her Sanskrit by the scriptures on bamboo scrolls, elaborate prayers and rites. After Pol Pot’s defeat schools started to become available in town and Akim traveled the many miles and persevered to undergo as much education as they could afford at the time.

In 2000 Akim left Cambodia to join her Dutch husband Chris in Vietnam, where he lived and worked since 1990. In 2013 Akim, Chris and their two children moved to Siem Reap and Cambodia Vespa Adventures was founded in 2013.
The mission of Akim is to introduce the Cambodia as she knows it and the heritage of which she is proud. It is important to her that this is done in a manner that is fun and fresh, innovative and sustainable and above all with responsibility and respect.

Akim made it her goal to showcase her country in a personal, truly instructive and above all fun way. It was decided that real engagement with the local people, their environment and culture had to be the guiding principles and the tours were developed on the basis of that foundation.

Akim feels strongly about gender equality and therefore female employment, including drivers, is an important part of the Cambodia Vespa Adventures way. Today about 60% of our employees are women.

After extensive preparations and thanks to the permanent professional assistance of our Vietnam Vespa Adventures colleagues and the counsel of numerous other friends, we are proud of the quality products that we offer our customers. Whether you are an individual, family or friends group or a team building company, we welcome you to the truly exclusive, unique and fun experience that Cambodia Vespa Adventures is.

The Team of Cambodia Vespa Adventures is a group of fresh young people, with a ‘can do’ attitude.

The enjoyment, comfort and safety of our customers are paramount to the team. Countless training sessions preceded actual operations, including First Aid courses with the Cambodian Red Cross in Siem Reap, safety, scooter driving skills, guest relations and some English.

The amount of approx. 60% female staff reflects the gender equality policy of Akim, founder of Cambodia Vespa Adventures.

Our Local Vision
Although Cambodia Vespa Adventures is only a small company, we fully embrace the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Akim and her team strive to be a positive and contributing participant to the local community! We are not merely showing and sharing the Cambodian life with our customers, but we do it in active and positive cooperation with all who make the tours possible.

That includes a mature contractual relationship which observes all rights and embeds realistic rewards to our staff members, suppliers and other contributors. We also permanently work on development and skills through training of our staff.

• 90% of our staff is Cambodian
• 60% of our drivers are female
• 90% of our suppliers are Cambodian

These principles are integral part of a long term company vision for our successful participation in Cambodia!

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