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A Screenshot of Hanoi’s Soul – Marcus Lacey

Have you had the chance to witness the breathtaking beauty of Hanoi in the autumn? According to British photographer Marcus Lacey, this season in Hanoi is a photographer’s dream. He...
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Preserving Heritage: Nurturing the Future of Vespa Mechanics with Vespa Adventures

In Vietnam, the once-thriving trade of Vespa mechanics is facing a concerning decline. With the advent of modern transportation options, the demand for traditional Vespa repairs has dwindled, leaving this...
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Savor the Nightlife Symphony: Live Music in Saigon with Vespa Adventures

Uncover Saigon' unmissable live music bars at night. Experience the vibrant scene on a Vespa. Don't miss these musical hotspots in Saigon.
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How Many Days Are Sufficient to See Bangkok?

Discover the perfect Bangkok itinerary tailored to your interests and schedule in this handy travel guide.
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How can I plan a trip to Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand?

This blog provides a guide for planning an unforgettable journey through the cultural treasures and stunning landscapes of Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand.
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Navigating Southeast Asia’s Bustling Streets with Safety and Comfort

Join Vespa Adventures for a safe and comfortable ride through the bustling traffic in Vietnam...
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How Would You Describe Vietnam to a Traveler?

Join Vespa Adventures as we describe what makes Vietnam such a magical destination for travelers...
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Top 10 Things to Do in 2023!

2023 is just around the corner! If you’re starting to plan your travels for next year, why not include some truly amazing experiences in Southeast Asia? Here is our selected...
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The Original and Still the Best!

Vespa Adventures is THE original scooter tour company in Asia and although there are many copy-cats on the market, we are still the best! With 15+ years of experience under...
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Angkor Sunrise – Amazing tour with Vespa adventures

Seeing the sunrise at Angkor Wat is a ‘must’! The world’s largest religious monument is incredible at any time of day but watching the temple slowly emerge from the dark...
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Chiang Mai, my Countryside adventures by Vespa

After the chaos of Bangkok, my partner and I arrived in Chiang Mai tired and longing for a bit of nature. I asked the receptionist at my guesthouse for recommendations...
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Chiang Mai after dark: Food, drinks and much more

When I’m traveling, I love exploring on my own. But in each new city I visit, I book one tour to see and learn things that only locals know. Not...
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