Below we’ve answered our most commonly asked questions to give you more information about Vespa Adventures and our tours. If you can’t find what you are looking for, we’d love to hear from you! Please get in touch via our contact page.

Day Tour FAQs

Why should I book with Vespa Adventures?

Our Vespa Adventures tours are the most unique and authentic experiences in Asia. We have been running scooter tours in the region longer than anyone else and still remain the very best in the business! From start to finish, every details of the tour has been carefully designed and delivered with the highest service standards. The route will highlight local gems rarely seen by foreigners and provide you with a good mix of culture, sightseeing and fun. Our bikes, a combination of restored vintage Vespas and modern Vespas, are immaculately maintained and supremely comfortable with cushy seats and backrests. Safety is at the top of the priority list and, to that end, we ensure each guest has a well-fitted helmet and our drivers are always proceeding with caution. Vespa Adventures is the original and still the best! Join us on a fun scooter tour in Vietnam, Cambodia or Thailand- it is sure to be “The Ride of Your Life”!

Who will be driving me?

You will be zipping around town on a Vespa piloted by one of Vespa Adventures’ local drivers. Their goal is to ensure that you have a safe, comfortable ride. And although they may not speak more than a few words of English, our drivers’ genuine hospitality and friendliness shine through in their actions and big smiles. The guide will be with you at every stop of the tour and can answer any questions you may have or assist in translating if you have a message for the driver! Every driver receives extensive training, covering everything from defensive driving to helping guests get comfortable on the bikes. Plus the Vespa Adventure drivers are all local residents, so they know the rules of the road and the unique challenges that come with navigating Southeast Asia traffic!

Do you include insurance?

In addition to the extensive safety procedures on Vespa Adventures tours, we also have insurance policies in each of our destinations. These policies cover you, our guest, when riding as a passenger on the Vespa (pillion). Should any incident take place on tour, our local team is first-aid certified and will assist in getting you to professional medical care as fast as possible.

What can I expect on a tour?

Meet the people, Taste the flavours and See the culture are 3 things you will bring home with our Vespa tours.

A typical Vespa Adventures day tour looks like this. You’ll be picked up at your hotel by one of our drivers and transferred to the gathering point to meet the other group members and the guide. Your guide, who quickly will become your new best friend, will provide a safety briefing and tour overview. Then it’s off on the scooters! Each route is different but each tour contains a healthy dose of zipping through side streets and short stops to mingle with locals, taste traditional delicacies, explore cottage industries, sightsee, take photos or a mix of all of these! Full descriptions of each tour can be found on our “Our Tours” page and if you still have questions, our team will be happy to assist! You can reach out to us anytime via our “Contact Us” page. Vespa Adventures is the original scooter company in Asia and still the best! Join us on a fun scooter tour in Vietnam, Cambodia or Thailand- it is sure to be “The Ride of Your Life”!

Why does your price seem higher than some others?

Vespa Adventures is THE original scooter tour company and although there are many copy-cats on the market, we are still the best! With 15+ years of experience under our belt, we know what it takes to deliver an amazing tour and our prices reflect the value we provide. Vespa Adventures’ routes are carefully researched and mapped out to show you authentic culture, incredible food and hidden places only known to locals. Our drivers and guides go through extensive service and safety training to deliver a safe, enjoyable ride. And we partner with locally-run businesses, paying fair compensation while helping to support their work. We don’t compromise on quality or cut corners- and as a result you will have “The Ride of Your Life”!

What if I want to cancel or reschedule my tour? Do I get a refund?

We understand that your plans may unexpectedly change while on holiday and we try our best to accommodate these changes. If you need to reschedule or cancel your tour please contact us by phone or email as soon as possible. For rescheduling, We do not charge a fee for changing the tour date but letting us know in advance is best so that we can arrange with our team. For cancellation, there is no fee for cancelling more than 24 hours in advance. If cancelling under 24 hours before the start of the tour, please contact us by phone and we will discuss refund options.

What does the tour price include?

A better question might be “What doesn’t the tour price include?” Vespa Adventures day tours include local food, purified drinking water and a fun, knowledgeable tour guide to show you around town. You’ll also be provided with a helmet, a poncho in case of rain and a stylish Vespa with backrest piloted by an expert local driver. And we include hotel pick–up and drop-off if you are staying in town. You’ll only need to reach in your pocket for any personal expenses (such as buying souvenirs) and tips if you wish to thank our crew at the end of the tour.

What’s the price of the single-day tours?

The prices vary depending on the location and the specific tour- you can find a list of our tours and prices here. If booking two or more tours, we offer a 10% discount on each tour. And children under 12 receive 30% off the normal tour price. We also have a variety of combination packages where we pair our tours with a special site visit, theatre show or other experience for a fabulous rate. Check our Special Offers page for more information.

How often do your single day tours take place? What time do they start?

Vespa Adventures tours run on a daily basis, rain or shine. Our tours kickoff in the morning, afternoon, or evening depending on which experience you’d like to join. You can find the specific start times for each tour listed in Our Tours section. If you don’t see a starting time that fits your travel itinerary, please contact us and we can organize a private tour for a 50% surcharge.

Do we drive our own Vespas?

The short answer is no. An experienced, trained local driver will be navigating the streets while you sit back (literally as we have backrests on all Vespas!), relax and enjoy “The Ride of Your Life”. The traffic in Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand is chaotic and the road rules are different from what you are used to back home. In fact, very few drivers observe the road rules! But there is an element of controlled chaos to the streets and learning to navigate them takes years of practice. At Vespa Adventures, safety is one of our highest priorities and therefore we have selected and trained the best local drivers to take you around town!

What should we bring on the day tours?

On all Vespa Adventures day tours you will be provided with a helmet, local snacks, drinking water, a rain poncho if needed and there is always a first-aid kit on hand. This means you don’t need to bring much. We suggest bringing sunscreen and sunglasses and wearing closed-toe shoes for day tours. Dresses and skirts can be uncomfortable when getting on or off the scooter, so it’s a good idea to opt for shorts or long pants on the day of your tour. In many of our locations, we enter temples or other houses of worships and respectful dress is strongly suggested (shorts near knee length or longer, shoulders covered) of course be sure to bring your camera or smartphone to snap photos along the way!

Where do we start the tours?

We provide free hotel pick-up and drop-off within the city limits and will inform you, in advance, of the pick-up time. On the day of the tour, wait in the lobby or in front of your hotel and look for the Vespa driver arriving on- you guessed it- a Vespa! You’ll then transfer to a gathering spot to meet with the guide and other members of the tour group. Once all assembled, your Vespa Adventures tour begins! Please note- if you are staying outside of the city or in a neighboring town we can help arrange private transport at a small extra cost or advise on public transportation options, if available. If you still have questions regarding the pick-up or require further information, please contact us!

Is there a minimum/maximum number of people we need to book a tour?

Vespa Adventure tours run even if we only have one guest signed up! So if you are a solo traveler, don’t be shy to book- our tours are a great way to meet fellow travelers or, if you are the only one, you’ll get a fabulous private tour! We cap our tours at a maximum group size of 7 guests, which we find is the sweet spot for giving that personal touch and attention from the guide. If you’d like to guarantee a private tour for you or your group of travelers, we can arrange this at a 50% surcharge. And if you do have a special request for a larger group size, contact us and we’ll make it happen!

Are these tours safe for any age?

Vespa Adventure tours are great for all ages! Whether you are toddler or a great-grandparent, you’ll have “The Ride of Your Life” as you explore Asia on the back of our scooters. The Vespas are extremely comfortable, with cushioned wide seats and a backrest to lean against and large handles to hold on to. We have padded, safe helmets that adjust to fit any adult head and child helmets for smaller riders. Last but not least, safety is a top priority. A full safety briefing is provided at the beginning of the tour, including tips for getting on and off the scooter and your guides will drive with the utmost care from start to finish.