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The Vespa Adventures Story

Vespa Adventures has been doing Vespa tours in Asia longer than anyone else and we are still the very best! Our high-quality tours reflect our experience, depth of knowledge and love we have of local people, culture, & food. Our founders come from a diverse background, which adds to the uniqueness of our tours.

Vespa Adventures began in 2007 with a goal to always provide our guests with the most delicious food, introduce them to the local people and teach them about the culture and history of each location. That goal hasn’t changed and that’s why Vespa Adventures is not only the original but also the best! Vespa Adventures is now present in six cities across Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand.

Our Vespa tours run daily in Saigon, Hanoi, Hoi An, Hue, Siem Reap and Chiang Mai. Each tour is designed to be immersive and unique, with a range of options to chose from.

You can slow it down to cruise the countryside or be right in the middle of the busy city, all from the back of our comfortable classic Vespa scooters. Our superior attention to detail is unmatched as our tour guides and drivers have many years of knowledge giving our guests “The Ride Of Your Life!”. We stand by our motto and strive to take you off the beaten tourist path and help you make memories that will last a lifetime. 

Our team continues to improve with every Vespa Adventures tour as we look to the future by opening new branches in different locations across Asia. Who knows where our next great adventure will be!

Vespa Adventures: A Company That Empowers Women

Vespa Adventures is a tour company that specializes in motorcycle tours in Southeast Asia. The company was co-founded by a woman, and today, 5 out of 6 branch managers and more than half of the tour guides are also women. Vespa Adventures is committed to equal opportunity, and believes that women make strong leaders and tour guides.

Women are often seen as being more detail-oriented and organized than men. They are also more likely to be patient and understanding, which are important qualities for a tour guide. In addition, women are often more comfortable interacting with people from different cultures, which is essential for a successful tour company.

Vespa Adventures has seen firsthand the benefits of having a strong female presence in management and staff. The company has a reputation for providing excellent customer service, and its tours are always well-organized and run smoothly. Vespa Adventures is an example of how a company can succeed by embracing diversity and equal opportunity.

Vespa Adventures is proud to be a company that empowers women. The company believes that women have the skills and abilities to succeed in any field, and is committed to providing them with the opportunities they need to reach their full potential.

Meet the Vespa Adventures Team

Steve Mueller


Steve Mueller moved to Vietnam in 1997 from Hawaii, originally from Charleston, SC. He travelled around the world, and of all the countries he visited, Vietnam lured him back because he fell in love with the land, the culture and especially the people, to the point that he even married Kim Phuong!

Steve started restoring and exporting vintage Vespas, but later he decided that he wanted to keep the Vespas in Vietnam as part of its heritage. He wanted to share his love for this part of the world with others so the idea of Vespa Adventures came to light and they started running tours in 2007.

Steve gives a large part of the credit for his success to his wife’s savvy and local business knowledge.

Kim Phuong Mueller


Kim Phuong is the co-founder of Vespa Adventures, and also a native to Saigon. Born after the end of the war period she grew up while the doors of Vietnam were still closed.

During her childhood, she helped her family in the Central Market after school every day, and eventually started her own stall selling fresh food and vegetables.

With that knowledge and experience, she opened Café Zoom in 1999, a place for Steve and Kim’s friends and other world travellers to relax, share their stories and enjoy amazing food and drinks, and later it became the starting point of all the tours in Saigon, and the operations center of Vespa Adventures.

Bao Ton

Regional Director, Co-owner

Originally from the historic city of Hue, Bao graduated in 1993 with the major of English language and Tourism Management, later adding an MBA specialized in Marketing.

Bao was a pioneer in the forefront of Vietnam’s tourism introduction to the world.

He has more than 20 years of experience in the tourism industry, and continues developing Vespa Adventures into a professional and customer oriented company.


Guide, Siem Reap


Guide, Siem Reap


Guide, Hanoi


Guide, Chiang Mai

Vu Tien Trong (Chris)

Guide, Hanoi

Giang Tran (Vivian)

Guide, Saigon

Khanh Ho (Kathy)

Guide, Saigon

Tuyet (Snow)

Guide, Hanoi


Guide, Hanoi

Nguyet (Moon)

Guide, Hoi An

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