Chiang Mai, my Countryside adventures by Vespa

After the chaos of Bangkok, my partner and I arrived in Chiang Mai tired and longing for a bit of nature. I asked the receptionist at my guesthouse for recommendations and he showed me the Vespa Adventures’ brochure. The tours all looked great but the Chiang Mai Countryside tour was the one that really caught my eye! I got online immediately and booked for the following day. 

Looking back on our two-week Thailand holiday, the Vespa Adventures tour was definitely the highlight! Here’s why you’ll want to also book this amazing Chiang Mai Vespa tour.

  • The route- we saw SO much that I never would have found on my own. After we left Thapae Gate at the start of the Vespa tour, we were away from other tourists and in beautiful nature. I loved the views from the drive as much as the stops themselves!

  • The guide– I felt like I was traveling with a friend! Bhurm really loves his job and it shows- he shared so much interesting information about local culture, traditions and lifestyle but also was fun to chit-chat with about other topics. 
  • The Vespas– Doing this tour by Vespas, you have a totally different experience. Instead of just seeing places through a car window, we could use all of our senses. We heard cows mooing and temple bells ringing, could smell the odors of someone cooking as we drove by their house and could feel the changing temperatures as we moved up into the hills. Plus we could easily pull over and stop whenever we wanted to take a photo. And since someone else was driving, I could take a lot of photos while we were moving through the countryside! 
  • The foodThai food is amazing and on Vespa’s Chiang Mai Countryside Tour, we got to taste different snacks and have a delicious lunch. I didn’t realize when I booked the tour that so much was included but I’m glad I only had a light breakfast that day as I enjoyed trying all of the food on tour!

Traditional Thai food