Five Local Dishes You Have to Try in Chiang Mai

Every visitor to Chiang Mai wants to try new tasty local dishes on vacation. Vespa adventure aims at introducing guests with local culture, food, and people, on our exciting and unique tours. Thai dishes are adored all around the world for their taste and presentation. Thai cooking rejects simplicity and is about “the juggling of disparate elements to create a harmonious finish”. Northern Thailand where Vespa Adventures operate; is cold and surrounded by mountains has a unique set of cuisine to offer. In addition, the ancient culture of Northern Thailand plays its role in deriving quality and scrumptious dishes. While next time you visit Northern Thailand, do not forget to experience Vespa adventures as we will be offering you to try below-mentioned dishes.


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It is the most popular and easily available dish in Northern Thailand. Khao Soi comes in Pork, chicken, beef and vegetarian variations with a creamy, coconut curry base, topped with soft as well as crispy egg noodles, pickled cabbage, etc. It can be found for as low as 50 THB in street food markets.


Som Tom is one of the local favourites in Chiang Mai and most visitors also fall in love with it! It is a refreshing raw salad made from green (unripe) papaya, peanuts, sliced tomatoes and long beans mixed with a blend of garlic, fish sauce, a touch of palm sugar and chilli. You can customise som tom to fit your palate- spicy, less sweet, more salty and so on- and other ingredients can be added such as salted egg, dried shrimp, corn and more. Refreshing and light, it is generally served as a side dish with grilled meats or stews. You can try this famous dish and more on Vespa Adventures’ Chiang Mai After Dark tour.


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Kai Yang is a dish originating from the Lao people of Laos and Isan (northeastern Thailand), but it is now commonly eaten throughout the whole of Thailand. The dish is a standard staple of street markets and readily available at all times. Being a typical Laotian/Isan dish, it is often paired with green papaya salad and sticky rice. It is also eaten with raw vegetables and often dipped in spicy sauces such as Laotian jaew bong.


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Khao Kha mu is an individual dish consisting of stewed pig’s trotter in seasoning condensed hot pottage (some recipes are mixed with cocoa powder or boiled peanuts, then it will be cut into thin slices and topped on steamed rice. The dish is served with half spiced corned eggs, small pieces of pickled lettuce and occasionally blanched kale with fresh bird’s eye chili peppers and cloves of garlic on the side. Sometimes it is eaten with clear broth soup. The accompanying dipping sauce is most often made of yellow chili peppers, garlic, granulated salt, limeade, and vinegar. Khao Kha mu is a food that can be found online from street stalls, food courts in department stores to luxury restaurants.


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Northern Thai sausage or Chiang Mai sausage is a grilled pork sausage from northern Thailand. In Thailand, it is a standard food of the northern provinces and it has become very popular in the rest of Thailand as well. It contains minced pork meat, herbs, spices, and Kaeng khua red curry paste. It is not to be missed food.