How can I plan a trip to Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand?

This blog provides a guide for planning an unforgettable journey through the cultural treasures and stunning landscapes of Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand.
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Navigating Southeast Asia’s Bustling Streets with Safety and Comfort

Join Vespa Adventures for a safe and comfortable ride through the bustling traffic in Vietnam...
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How Would You Describe Vietnam to a Traveler?

Join Vespa Adventures as we describe what makes Vietnam such a magical destination for travelers...
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Saigon day tours

One For The Road: Iced Coffee or Cold Brew?

By Sally Writes Two things that Vietnam has in great supply are Vespas and great coffee. In fact, there are now around 35 million Vespas on the streets of Vietnam. And when it comes to coffee, the country is the second largest coffee producer in the world. Both have become a huge part of the...
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Hoi An Day tours

No Springs Attached

  Take a second and think of a bed. Any bed. Your bed. You’re probably thinking of a sumptuous, thick, comfortable mattress, right? Well, in Vietnam, things are a little different. Your typical mattress here is a thin handmade sleeping mat made out of dried reeds and laid either on the floor or on a...
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How the Vespa Became Legendary

Today, you can see Vespas all over the streets of Vietnam. But you might ask yourself, how did Vespa come to be the famous icon that it is today? It all began in 1884, when the Piaggio company in Italy started out producing timber, seaplanes, and airplanes. Due to its success, it became one of...
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The Ao Dai – A Traditional Vietnamese Dress

–The Traditional Vietnamese Dress– Ao Dai’s (pronounced like “Ow Zai” or if you’re in the Quang Nam Province- “Ow Yai”) are the traditional Vietnamese dress for women. If you’ve ever been to Vietnam, you’ve probably seen a lot of these traditional dresses, whether it was on locally made artwork, girls biking home from school, or...
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Vietnamese Rice Crackers

Smash N’Grab – Rice Crackers in Hoi An

The humble rice cracker graces many a low plastic table in Vietnam, and is quite the accompaniment to many dishes across the country for the cuisine embraces textures, of which ‘crunchy’ plays a big part. The Vietnamese equivalent of the famous Indian poppadum is an incredibly popular snack across the country, and each region has...
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