Ten Reasons To Visit Hoi An

10 Unbeatable Reasons to visit Hoi An

For Enthusiastic travelers in Asia and Indochina there is a place that is constantly on the list of “best of the best”: Hoi An. It is a favorite port city of Southeast Asia. It conquers all comers. So why visit Hoi An? Here we have listed 10 unbeatable reasons. Check out!

1. The Old Town

In the 16th and 19th centuries, Hoi An was a busy trading port. Nowadays, this historic quarter is a mysterious, enchanting streetscape mix of Japanese, Vietnamese and Chinese architecture, with later European influences. The streets in Hoi An are uniformly painted mango-yellow. Every night, there are colored, traditional lanterns hung on the streets. The architecture, historic sites, and river life remain completely unscathed.

2. Nearby Beaches

An Bang Beach has caught a lot of media attention in 2016 featuring in CNN’s list of Top 100 Best Beaches in the World. If you want to ride a bicycle and comfortably, drive a few kilometers, you can come to the An Bang Beach, or on Cua Dai beach, 5 kilometers east from Hoi An.

You can also enjoy an array of affordable dining options at An Bang Beach, ranging from fresh seafood and Vietnamese BBQ to authentic Italian and French fare. Bistros such as Soul Kitchen, La Plage and Salt Pub stay open until late, featuring lively parties, themed nights, happy hour promos, strong cocktails, cold beers, and a diverse playlist. Located seven kilometres north of Hoi An Ancient Town, you can easily get to An Bang Beach via bicycle, motorcycle or taxi.

3. Street Food

Hoi An is famous for its wide variety of street food choices and is one of the places offering the best of street food in Vietnam. The street food in Hoi An is finger licking tasty and extremely affordable. In particular, Hoi An has a few local specialties, such as Cao Lau and white rose dumplings. Authentic Cao Lau (Cao Lầu) noodles are dipped into the water collected from the ancient wells around Hoi An. White rose dumplings have shrimps as their main ingredient. The dish is arranged prettily on the rose-shaped plate. These dishes are available in the menu of most restaurants in Hoi An and often cost under $2.

4. Tailoring

One of the most famous and ancient trading fields in Hoi An still going strong today is tailoring. Looks like the local people have never lost their unique touch on handcrafting clothes for many centuries. You can get a 3-piece suit, shirt, dress, a pair of shoes, a leather bag, or jumpsuit there. It will fit and look precisely the way you want it. It just costs a third of what you would imagine.

5. Romantic Atmosphere

Have you ever wondered why Hoi An is considered an ideal place for couples? A walk of breathtaking sunset over the roofs of ancient Hoi An, cocktails in the local bar, or a special dinner at dusk in the riverside restaurant in the Old town of Hoi An offer romantic experiences couples always look for. The historic quarter along with its beautiful riverside setting is definitely attractive towards lovers.

6. The Countryside

When thinking about Vietnam, the countryside in Hoi An, in particular, is what you are picturing. Swaying bamboo, wide green rice paddies, farmers with iconic hats, coconut trees and palms, water buffalos trotting along the small road and peaceful riverside villages looking like they have never heard about tourism. This is what makes Hoi An so memorable and impressive in the eyes of Western tourists.

7. Local Markets

Lots of sweet juicy tropical fruits and organically grown vegetables sold in lively markets of Hoi An. Make sure that you visit the markets in the early morning to get the freshest products. Look for spices, go to the markets and you will see them in sealed packets that could be brought home as presents.

8. Safest Destination

Hoi An has been rated as one of the 10 best cities for traveling in Asia. In reality, it is the safest destination in Vietnam with hospitable and friendly people. Also, Hoi An is a perfect place to break your journey on the way of exploring Vietnam, which is different from busy cities like Nha Trang, Ho Chi Minh City, or Hanoi. It is very relaxing, peaceful city which offers a more comfortable and cozy feeling. Particularly, you will not see those vendors who try to bug you to sell their stuff in the Ancient town.

9. A Taste Of Organic Living

Another reason to visit Hoi An and stay a while is its organic farming community in the suburbs of Hoi An, which is Tra Que Herb Village. It is located 2km north of Hoi An. Visiting it is a perfect way to enjoy the countryside of Hoi an. When you arrive at the farm, you could join in some activities like farming and rice paper making.  That will bring to you a unique but still interesting experience hardly found anywhere else.

10. Nightly Events

Bustling Hoi An does not slow down after the sunset. Different cultural events, dance and music performances are usually celebrated along the riverfront in the evenings when lanterns light up. You will easily notice tourists and locals releasing floating candles with the well wishes into Thu Bon River. If you love shopping at nighttime, then feel free to cross the ancient bridge over to the An Hoi Island in which evening market sets up selling various stuff from magnets to silk lanterns.

There, you have read through a list of 10 Unbeatable reasons to visit Hoi An. By far one of the most well-preserved, unique sites in Vietnam, Hoi An, one of the most memorable destinations of Asia, should be on the must-visit list of every adventurer.