Traditional Cambodian garments are like many other aspects of Cambodian culture: rich and vibrant. Cambodian clothing is tends to be very bright and beautifully embroidered. The styles have lasted throughout time since the Khmer Empire, and can be seen in present day Cambodia. The sampot  is the most common article of clothing. An array of colors are used for this clothing. It is wrapped around the body in the fashion of a skirt. For more formal occasions women tend to wear a sampot chang kben, which is similarly wrapped as a sampot, but in the fashion of pants. The brightly colored cloth is typically embroidered with beautiful gold metallic thread. There are many types ofsampots, all of which have unique difference and patterns..

The Krama

This famous Cambodian Scarf is very unique to this region of the world. The unisex checkered & brightly colored scarf can be seen all over the country. It’s number of uses are vast. It can be used as a scarf, a handkerchief, to carry things (even children!), to protect oneself from harsh sun, or wear under one’s hat, and man other possible purposes. This scarf has actually been captured by the fashion world, and the influence of the traditional Cambodian scarf can now be seen in stores around the world.