By John Watson

It’s a small and simple story.  But it is something that happens almost everyday, and shows the true wonder of Cambodia, I think.

Now, normally, we take our time and space here to share interesting historical facts, adventures, and some of the many other highlights of enjoying the Ride of Your Life on a Vespa. But this month I would like to tell you a small personal story. Don’t worry! The second part of last month’s story will follow, but this one reminded me of why I love Cambodia, the Khmer people and living here for over 11 years.

Recently, I was shopping, for wine glasses of all things, so we could use the on our Countryside Life Adventure. My friend and I were riding away from the local markets with the glasses in my right hand, and some wine in my left. As we were riding back, my pen fell from my pocket. Not an expansive pen in Western terms, only about $1.25. But in Cambodia, quite a good one! Sry, my friend and driver, asked if I wanted to stop and get it. Well, it was a major road, traffic everywhere, hands full, so I said no. Don’t worry. I’d give it up as lost.

Then, as we continued driving, at about 40 Km an hour, a local man pulled up alongside on his motorbike, keeping pace in the traffic. “Sir!  Sir! Your pen! Your Pen!”. He had seen my pen fall from my shirt pocket. Had stopped in the traffic and picked it up. Then got back onto his moto and raced to find us and give it to me in the middle of peak hour traffic. Before I could really thank him, (at 40 Km/h!) he had sped off down a side street. No thanks required.

This is the thing about Cambodia. The heart. The people. Come find out for yourself. It truly is inspirational. Thank you my pen friend.  You have made me smile.

The pen that is now worth a lot more to me than $1.25!
The pen that is now worth a lot more to me than $1.25!