Step by step guide to planning your ideal holiday to Cambodia


Have you already started preparing for your next holiday? If you have not decided the place till now, find it right here, in this article. Plan for your next trip to enchanting Cambodia and ensure you can enjoy every bit of it nothing but with sheer pleasure.
It will be quite fascinating for you to know that planning for a trip to Cambodia is not that difficult as it seems to be. It is a small country and therefore, it is not that difficult to make a proper plan around it. The best part is despite being small in area; the destination will offer you with everything starting from the mythical temples and historically enriched cities to spectacular seaside beauty – you are going to get the taste of everything.
So, here is a brief guideline for you to help in your planning in the best possible way.

Cambodia tours Vespa Adventures
Step 1: Choose a favorable time

Apply for the leave of your work once you decide the time when you will be going on the trip. From October to April, the time-span remains dry in Cambodia. On the other hand, the short-span of May to September, Cambodia remains wet. Although, it does not rain quite often throughout the season, still choosing the dry weather over the wet one will prove to be the ideal decision for you to enjoy the beaches as well as for taking a historical trail in the country.

Cambodia tours Vespa Adventures
Step 2: Decide the mode of transportation and the Visa

In the next step, you ought to book for flight tickets and apply for the Visa. However, in the meantime, you are also required to research the probable places you are going to visit on your trip. Fixing a rough itinerary will further help you to chalk out your days of stay in the country. As a result, the process of advanced ticket booking along with the visa application for a strict period will be natural.

Step 3: Where to visit

After you are done with the booking, it is time to decide the significant places around Cambodia where you will take a trip.

Phnom Penh

Among the major attractions of Cambodia, Phnom Penh undoubtedly deserves the first place. It is not only considered as the capital of Cambodia, but it has a story to share. The story of existence, persistence, and survival! You are sure to be enthralled by the unique beauty of the country. As you explore the fascinating layers of the city, it will be easy for you to understand that why it is recognized as the ‘Pearl of Asia.’
Beyond the majestic temples and historical evidence, the nightlife will also inspire you. All you need to do is just to book a Vespa scooter and have a fantastic experience of nightlife in the city. The tour gets started from 6 PM and runs at four hours stretch. Whether you wish to visit the famous Mekong riverfront or go for a local market trail at night or go to the Independence Monument, the Vespa tour will cover it all.

Cambodia tours Vespa Adventures
Siem Reap

The city is built around the complex of Angkor Wat temple. The destination is known for its ancient resonance along with the historical flair the city has kept secure in its layers for hundreds of years. There are 400 temples in the city alone and to make sure you end up visiting most of them as you keep at least 3 days in your hands.
Apart from the temples, there are a lot of adventurous activities in the place. Therefore, it recommended not to get ‘templed out’ by taking a break in between the three days and explore other areas as well. For the authentic Cambodian life experience, taking the Vespa tours will prove to be ideal. The tour schedules start from 8 in the morning and get wrapped up within 3 PM during the lunchtime.
Within the time-span, the Vespa ride will let you get the best out of the trip. The cool breeze along with the green surroundings full of paddy fields is sure to leave you spellbound in no time.
Other than these two major cities of Cambodia, you can also consider exploring the Cambodian Islands along with enthralling places like Kampot or the famous Bokor National Park. Explore the elephant sanctuaries and have some of the seafood delicacies in the meantime that Cambodia has to offer.

Cambodia tours Vespa Adventures
Step 4: Places to Stay

Once you finish up the booking and prepare a schedule for the places you are going to visit, it’s time to decide the hotels and start booking that one by one as soon as possible. There are a lot of luxurious hotels around Siem Reap and Phnom Penh. Make sure you finish up the booking, especially you are planning to visit the place during the holiday season.

Step 5: Looking for the best mode of transportation around the country

There are multiple options for public transport. The ‘tuk-tuk’ vehicles are also there to cover the short distance between two places. You may get the buses for the trip. However, if you want to feel free and set your schedules as per your wish, going for the Vespa trips will be the best. You will feel optimum comfort in roaming around with a Vespa with your partner on the back seat while exploring every corner of the city in your way.

Cambodia tours Vespa Adventures

Other than these five significant steps, you are also required to gather information regarding the currency of Cambodia that is ‘Riel’ and get some of those at the airport. Moreover, you should even look for recommendations on tourist guides living in Cambodia. The local guides and tour agencies know the country as they know the palm of their hands. They will also help you in finding the Vespa tour organizers in the country where you can pick your favorite vehicle and get set for feeling the heartbeat of the country.
Also if you are looking for more information about Cambodia to organise your travel, the 1000 word travel plan published by, “Travel guide to Cambodia” will be a handy journal.