Have you had the chance to witness the breathtaking beauty of Hanoi in the autumn? According to British photographer Marcus Lacey, this season in Hanoi is a photographer’s dream. He says, ‘’Hanoi in Autumn is perfect for photography, the colors this time of year are very special, Hanoi is a unique place to photograph. Getting around is best done by scooter and this way you see all the amazing things like the fruit and flower sellers that sell from Bicycles all over the city.’’

As the weather cools down in Hanoi, the city undergoes a remarkable transformation that tantalizes not only the eyes but also the senses of smell. The streets become a tapestry of colors set against the backdrop of Hanoi’s historic architecture. This captivating blend of nature’s artistry and the city’s rich heritage creates a visual spectacle that enchants all who wander through its streets. Beyond the visual delights, the autumn air carries the scents of street food vendors, serving steaming bowls of phở, freshly grilled bún chả meat, and fragrant cups of egg coffee. These enticing aromas invite locals and visitors alike to savor the diverse and delectable tastes of Hanoi’s culinary traditions. It’s a season where the entire city seems to come alive, resonating with a unique blend of colors and smells that make autumn in Hanoi an unparalleled sensory experience.

Marcus Lacey’s journey to Hanoi unfolded in the autumn of 2016, a time when the city’s allure left an indelible mark on his creative spirit. This profound inspiration led him to dedicate the next two years to meticulously crafting what would become the Hanoi Photographic Collection. These are the glimpses of some of his remarkable photographs from the collection, accompanied by a selection of his latest works from this year. We genuinely hope that his artistry will ignite your own desire to explore the mesmerizing beauty of Hanoi this autumn.

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