Bun cha Hanoi

The restaurant we were at was one of the oldest Bun Cha in the country and in Hanoi. Bun Cha is one of the most famous dishes in Vietnam and we got to eat it in one of oldest locations. This restaurant opened up back in 1966 with just the first floor serving people. They now own all 5 stories and are constantly bustling with happy customers. And we now know why! The food was amazing! We jumped off our Vespas into a crowded restaurant and climbed 3 stories to our reserved table amongst some satisfied looking customers, must be a good sign. Trang was the best guide as always and explained everything we were about to devour. She served us our first bowl but it wasn’t the last. The meal we ate consisted of noodles, pork soaked in fish sauce and fresh greens accompanied with crab spring rolls. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. We ate about 3-4 bowls each but had to slow down as we still had another food stop and we were already filling up.
Fun fact: When Barack Obama visited Vietnam a few years back he tried Bun Cha and loved it, I mean who wouldn’t? Of course with his charming influence he made the restaurant he visited quite famous but Trang insists the one we ate at is better.


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