Hanoi At Night

Hanoi at Night

It’s no secret that the motor scooter rules as the king of the road in Cambodia and Vietnam. These two wheeled road warriors display utter fearlessness at intersections and total mastery of the streets.

Vespa Adventures offers a selection of tours that allows visitors the unique opportunity to participate in this choreographed chaos. Before your heart skips a beat, (that will come later), you sit behind competent drivers that take on the task of negotiating your way through the heart and soul of the city.

Bun cha in Hanoi

This is the real deal, off the beaten path experience. Forget the touts of tourist guidebooks and experience the sights not only like a local, but as a local. Guided daytime tours include major sights as well as attractions never visited by tourists. For the ultimate excursion experience, the company’s nighttime foodie adventure is a premier event.

Imagine weaving your way through the hectic streets of Hanoi on the back of an authentic Italian icon, stopping at a number of back street venues with unlimited food and drink. Making sure you are on the right side of the tracks, sample some water buffalo jerky right next to the tracks as the train rolls by within arm’s length. Enjoy the classic Vietnamese Bun Cha at the next stop mingling with locals and local beer.

Continue on to secret cafes outside the center for the local specialty of Pho Coun. For the true culinary adventurer sample some fried goat udder. (Surprisingly delicious.) Then to cap the night off, visit a classic jazz club set directly behind the Hanoi Opera House.

Hidden cafe Hanoi

All packages are escorted by a charismatic, English speaking guide who takes out all of the guesswork of unfamiliar comfort zones. Private tours are available on request and group tours ensure new friendships from a once in a lifetime adventure. Visit VespaAdventures.com for a listing of tours and other cities throughout Cambodia and Vietnam.

by Steve Leland