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Lanterns, Lanterns Everywhere, Every Day and Every Month

by Sissy Mallard For the UNESCO Heritage Town of Hoi An, it’s all about the lanterns, from the cute floating ones to the impressive hanging ones, there isn’t a night when you can’t experience the colorful beauty of these little gifts to the gods that hopefully bring us fortune and love. While the biggest and...
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Bravery, Hope and Healing in Saigon

by Sissy Mallard I had only been in Saigon for 5 days when my mom called to tell me my Daddy had been taken to the Emergency Room and then admitted to the hospital. Talk about a wake up call, that news hit me like a ton of bricks but what could I do from...
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Our Angkor Sunrise Tour Vespa Adventures Siem Reap

Tonle Sap Lake, Siem Reap: Villages on Stilts

by Sissy Mallard After riding through quiet villages that seem surreal and transport you back in time, walking through the fresh market that lights all of your senses on fire and zooming over the red clay trails out to boats that will take us to Lake Tonle Sap, you are keenly aware of how amazingly...
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The Craft Beer Fever in Vietnam

by Sissy Mallard The history of craft beer in Vietnam is a short one. The industry is very new, only a couple of years old and that’s the best part, we are on a drinking adventure in unchartered territory! The drive and commitment that these passionate pioneers have is unmatched as they are constantly experimenting...
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Kumquat tree Vietnam

Vietnam’s Newest TET Holiday Trend – Bonsai Kumquat Trees

by Gerard Claramunt It’s important to know that TET or the Lunar New Year is the most important holiday of the year in Vietnam. All people return to their hometowns for big celebrations with their families. One of the oldest traditions surrounding TET is a live Kumquat tree and every family must have one. In...
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Rice Crop Close Up

The Humble Grain Of Rice

by Neil Fraser Rice plays such an essential part of Vietnamese cuisine, that we often hear this phrase: “ăn cơm chưa”. This literally means “have you had rice yet?”  however this is used to ask if you are hungry such is the importance of rice in the locals diet. Vietnam is consistently in the top...
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Healthy food in Vietnam

Finding Organic Food on your Vietnam Travels

by Sally Writes Consumers in Vietnam have become ever more savvy in recent years, wanting to know more about the food they eat in restaurants and the foods they buy from street sellers and markets. The same goes for vacationers, too. The number of farmer groups in Vietnam that grow safe and organic vegetables is growing...
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Step by step guide to planning your ideal holiday to Cambodia

by Have you already started preparing for your next holiday? If you have not decided the place till now, find it right here, in this article. Plan for your next trip to enchanting Cambodia and ensure you can enjoy every bit of it nothing but with sheer pleasure. It will be quite fascinating for...
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When is a $1.25 pen worth so much more?

By John Watson It’s a small and simple story.  But it is something that happens almost everyday, and shows the true wonder of Cambodia, I think. Now, normally, we take our time and space here to share interesting historical facts, adventures, and some of the many other highlights of enjoying the Ride of Your Life...
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Best Ways to Explore North of Vietnam

in collaboration with Dagiac Famed for its karst towers, sunken mountains, viridian hills and flowing rice terraces, Northern Vietnam is a place like no other. With many areas vastly unchanged by modern tourism, the northern country is a welcome escape from the bedlam of the more populous southern cities. Whether you are looking to escape...
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