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Vietnam countryside farming vegetables

You Can’t Live Without Bamboo in Vietnam

by Cassidy Armbruster Bamboo is engraved in Vietnamese culture and daily life, providing protection and representing resiliency.  Bamboo can be manipulated in any shape or form to assist in the simplest or most complex of functions. Here in Vietnam, and especially in the countryside, bamboo is used for everything- from chopsticks, to chairs, to agricultural...
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5 Ways to Escape the Hustle and Bustle of Ho Chi Minh City

by Cassidy Armbruster   Yes, red lights are somewhat optional. Yes, the traffic is always buzzing. Yes, the sidewalks are constantly flooded with people. And don’t worry, you will get better at crossing the street. Ho Chi Minh City is a place of organized chaos, but its chaotic nonetheless. You may need a relaxing breath of...
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Lunar New Year in Vietnam

Tet is the celebration of the Lunar New Year in Vietnam. It is a tradition passed down from Chinese culture, but the Vietnamese have their own style of doing things.  It’s the most important holiday of the year, and can be celebrated up to a whole month long. Companies have big Tet parties to celebrate...
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vietnamese food

Being Vegetarian in Vietnam

For all the vegetarians worried about not being able to eat anything but rice in Vietnam- don’t worry! Believe it or not,  Vietnam has a variety of vegetarian dishes. One reason for this is the main religion of the country. A majority of Vietnam is Buddhist, and on the 1st and 15th day of each month...
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Exploring Vietnamese Markets (pt.1)

Markets in Southeast Asia are some of the most thriving parts of cities and towns. The sounds of people bargaining and the scents that waft through the air make an exciting shopping atmosphere unlike the airconditioned grocery stores many of us are used to back home. While walking through a typical market in Vietnam, you...
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Vietnamese Money

“Wait…Am I Supposed to tip in Vietnam?”

We often get asked about tipping in Vietnam. Tipping is one of those things that varies from country to country, andoften travelers can get confused on the subject of tipping. So we are here to help clear that up. Frequently, people receive completely different answers to this question. Here are the most common occurrences when...
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Glimpse of the Mekong tour

A ride with Glimpse of the Mekong tour Go where no other tours will take you on this scenic adventure that goes beyond the concrete jungle of Saigon and onto the back roads and red dirt trails of the Delta countryside. You will cross dozens of bridges over many river tributaries, ride on a river...
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