Exploring Vietnamese Markets (pt.1)

exploremarketsMarkets in Southeast Asia are some of the most thriving parts of cities and towns. The sounds of people bargaining and the scents that waft through the air make an exciting shopping atmosphere unlike the airconditioned grocery stores many of us are used to back home. While walking through a typical market in Vietnam, you may wonder “Um…what is that??” Well here’s part 1 of our list of common things you may be wondering about.

**Prices may vary according to season and location

1. Giant…cucumber?

Loofah vegetable

This is actually Luffa, or in Vietnamese “mướp hương. Most people spell it Loofah. This vegetable is common in Vietnamese stir fry and soup dishes. However, most people outside of Asia know this vegetable as something in their shower. Once this veggie is fully mature, dried, and properly cleaned, it turns into the the sponge that you may have at home. 

Price for 1 luffa is around 5,000₫

2. Eggs – in Vietnamese “trứng”

Vietnamese food

So many types of eggs! Chicken eggs, duck eggs, quails eggs, and…


The Century Egg – or in Vietnamese “trứng bách thảo”. The Century Egg is an egg that’s preserved for a few months in a clay and salt solution. The inside gets soft and gelatin like texture. We dare you to try one of these delicacies!

Price for one egg is around 4,000₫

Price for one Century Egg is around 20,000₫

3. Bamboo shoots – in Vietnamese “cây tre”

bamboo shoots

Bamboo grows all over Southeast Asia, so it’s no surprise that they’ve found ways to not only build with it (like this amazing bamboo bridge), but eat it too. Bamboo shoots are common in soups and stir fry.

4. Custard Apples – in Vietnamese “mãng cầu”IMG_0840

Custard apples are sweet and delicious fruits. Just slice in half and scoop out the custard-like flesh of the fruit.These have been known to be great for your health, and the perfect healthy alternative for your sweet-tooth craving. 

Price for 1 kilo is around 40,000₫

5. Rambutan – in Vietnamese “chôm chôm”


Rambutan are similar to Lychee, but with a slightly different flavour. Pop open the spikey shell and then enjoy the sweet fruit. Heads up, this fruit has a pit! 

Price for one kilo is around 25,000₫

6. Rose Apples – in Vietnamese “mận”

Rose Apples

Rose apples have the same sort of texture as an apple. Some can be very sweet, and others can more plain tasting. They’re a great snack on a hot day. Many Vietnamese people eat this with fish sauce and chili salt. 

Price for one kilo is around 25,000₫

7. Durian – in Vietnamese “sầu riêng”


Last but not least… Durian. You may have heard of this giant spikey fruit. It’s known as the smelliest fruit in the world, and is actually illegal to bring into a lot of enclosed public places like airports. It has a gooey  inside that tastes like no other. Can you brave through the smell and try this Vietnamese favorite? They even make Durian flavored ice cream! 

Price for 1 kilo= 65,000₫