Vietnamese Cuisine


Mr. Anh’s Garden

by Sissy Mallard Healthy, fresh food is the key to a satisfying, productive life and what I found at Mr. Anh’s farm certainly fills the bill with colorful fields that are overflowing with many different varieties of vegetable and fruit crops. Along with lush green and golden tan rice paddies as far as the eye...
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vietnam barbecue vietnam bbq

Discovering Vietnam’s Variety Of Barbecue

by Sally Writes One of the most thrilling places to eat in Vietnam is at the traditional open markets, where single-dish stalls are in abundance. Women chefs are predominant here, cooking up old family recipes. While Vietnam does not offer a classic barbecue to which the Western palate has grown accustomed, the country does offer safe, smoked...
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Pho Cuon – One of the top dishes in Vietnam

By Gerard Claramunt Big statement, I know, but this delicious local dish has definitely the potential to be a signature dish in Hanoi in a near future. I’m backing my opinion for our food knowledge in Hanoi and the trendy that we are seeing here and, apparently, some media like CNN agrees on that as...
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Natural fish farming in Hanoi

Written by Gerard Claramunt Hanoi and surroundings have been developing in Red River Delta – the biggest river in the north of Vietnam plays an important role in the history of inhabiting and developing of the country. Most of the rivers connect with the Red River before going to the sea, it makes the Red River...
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Saigon day tours

One For The Road: Iced Coffee or Cold Brew?

By Sally Writes Two things that Vietnam has in great supply are Vespas and great coffee. In fact, there are now around 35 million Vespas on the streets of Vietnam. And when it comes to coffee, the country is the second largest coffee producer in the world. Both have become a huge part of the...
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7 Reasons to Eat Street Food in Vietnam

You’re coming to Vietnam – you’ve read about the street food, you’ve heard about the street food, but will you try it? You may be on your way here, telling yourself “Of course I’ll try it!”. But to be honest, it can be a little daunting as there’s not likely to be a menu in...
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Being Vegetarian in Vietnam

For all the vegetarians worried about not being able to eat anything but rice in Vietnam- don’t worry! Believe it or not,  Vietnam has a variety of vegetarian dishes. One reason for this is the main religion of the country. A majority of Vietnam is Buddhist, and on the 1st and 15th day of each month...
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Exploring Vietnamese Markets (pt.1)

Markets in Southeast Asia are some of the most thriving parts of cities and towns. The sounds of people bargaining and the scents that waft through the air make an exciting shopping atmosphere unlike the airconditioned grocery stores many of us are used to back home. While walking through a typical market in Vietnam, you...
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Mi Quang noodles

Mì Quảng – Central Vietnamese Noodle Dish

The Noodles of Quảng Nam If you’re in Hoi An, you have to try Mì Quảng. This delicious noodle dish is famous in the Quảng Nam Province (hence the name Mì Quảng, or “Quang noodles”). You can find it in other cities such as Saigon, but if you’re coming to Central Vietnam we suggest you hold out on trying Mì Quảng til...
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Vietnamese Rice Crackers

Smash N’Grab – Rice Crackers in Hoi An

The humble rice cracker graces many a low plastic table in Vietnam, and is quite the accompaniment to many dishes across the country for the cuisine embraces textures, of which ‘crunchy’ plays a big part. The Vietnamese equivalent of the famous Indian poppadum is an incredibly popular snack across the country, and each region has...
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