by Sally Writes

Consumers in Vietnam have become ever more savvy in recent years, wanting to know more about the food they eat in restaurants and the foods they buy from street sellers and markets. The same goes for vacationers, too. The number of farmer groups in Vietnam that grow safe and organic vegetables is growing steadily, as are the appetites of travelers who are hungry to explore the possibilities of Vietnamese cuisines as safely as possible. 

Healthy food in Vietnam

Vietnamese urban consumers and travelers are becoming more monied, health savvy and internet aware. Their busier lives mean that they don’t always have time to cook, or want to eat out more – but can’t always source the products that they want. 

Public concerns about food safety have grown in recent years, with more shops labeling their foods as “clean” to make sure consumers really know what they’re getting. 

Healthy food in Vietnam

In Hanoi alone there are close to one hundred stores that sell fresh, organic fruits and vegetables for consumers to buy. In addition to this, there are at least ten stores now which actively label their food as being “clean”, and there are just under sixty shops in the city which have licenses to say they sell safe fruits and vegetables. In addition to this, just under 400 chains of safe agricultural food chain products have been set up, to make sure any animal products reaching the food chain are traceable and safe to eat. Sourcing these products to make sure you have a healthy and balanced diet whether you live in Vietnam or are travelling there is getting easier.