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My group of 4 friends (all early 20s) spent 4 days & 3 nights in the city. While we visited the usual attractions like Cu Chi Tunnels and the War Museum. This Vespa Tour was the highlight of the trip, for all of us!

My experience first started about a month before the trip, when i emailed Vespa Adventures to ask about the availability of their night tour. Steve was especially helpful and patient as i clarified all the nitty gritty details about the tour. He even agreed to send Vespas to pick us up from our hotel (which they took a while to find!) We finally arrived at Cafe Zoom for welcome drinks and payment (US$59/pp) before setting out on our journey to the local eating places. Traffic in Vietnam is crazy to say the least but all the members of my party felt like we were in safe hands.  Safety is a priority for them so if you’re worried about getting hit, don’t.

The food was awesome. I shall not reveal exactly what we ate and where so as not to spoil the tour surprise for you, but let’s just say it was real Vietnamese food.  The prices for the tour are all inclusive, so food and drinks at all the places become FOC. All the other people in our tour group spoke english (Australian, American mainly) so starting a conversation wasn’t a problem at all.

The best thing about this tour is not only the food but also the interactions with the other members of the group.  This tour is a MUST DO for any trip to HCM (i hope they expand to Hanoi some day). Whether you’re young or old (the youngest in our group was just 15?!), this is for you.

Thanks so much to the Vietnam Vespa Adventures team for your hospitality, time and service.

–Abraham (7th July) via TripAdvisor

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