Streetside Views

Two weeks ago a longtime friend celebrated his departure from Saigon & return to London with one of our Saigon After Dark tours. Nhu Vo, one of our Vietnamese friends who was along to say farewell, posted a blog about the experience on Facebook. A lovely meditation on being a Vietnamese watching visitors experience the unseen Saigon (and learning a few fun things about her city along the way).

Saigon does not offer the natural beauty or flocks of birds except for the flow of bikes, ever-growing high-rise, French-colonial buildings, war-memory spots and one of the famous cuisines in the region. However if you look closer, put on your sense of adventure and patience, you will be in for a surprising treat of the rawness, authenticity, and the localness of a place long known for its thick pages of history. Discover another side of Saigon, discover the secrets.”

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