$5 Food Tour: Discover 10 Adventurous Eats in Hai Phong

Hai Phong, a bustling port city in Northern Vietnam, is not only known for its rich history and vibrant culture but also for its unique and adventurous cuisine. With just $5 (around 115,000 VND) in your pocket, you can explore a variety of local dishes that will tantalize your taste buds and offer a true taste of Hai Phong. Here are 10 adventurous dishes you must try, along with where to find them and their prices.

1. Bánh Đa Cua (Crab Noodle Soup)

Bánh Đa Cua, a signature dish of Hai Phong, features red rice noodles in a rich, savory crab broth. Fresh crab meat, pork, fish cakes, and a medley of herbs top the dish. Local rice creates the unique red noodles, adding a distinctive touch. The broth, made from fresh local crabs, gives it an authentic flavor.

  • Where to Find: Bánh Đa Cua Bà Cụ, 179 Cau Dat Street, Hai Phong.
  • Price: 40,000 VND
Bánh Đa Cua - Crab Noodle Soup in Hai Phong

2. Nem Cua Bể (Crab Spring Rolls)

Nem Cua Bể, filled with crab meat, pork, mushrooms, and vermicelli, offers a delightful crunch and savory flavors in every bite. These square-shaped spring rolls are wrapped in rice paper and fried to crispy perfection. The square shape makes them unique to Hai Phong.

  • Where to Find: Nem Cua Bể Đặng Tất, 92 Dang Tat Street, Hai Phong.
  • Price: 20,000 VND per roll
Nem Cua Bể - Crab Spring Rolls in Hai Phong

3. Sủi Dìn (Sticky Rice Dumplings)

Sủi Dìn are sweet sticky rice dumplings filled with black sesame and served in ginger-infused syrup. This dessert, especially popular during the winter months, provides a warm and comforting treat. The ginger syrup adds a spicy kick, perfect for cold evenings.

  • Where to Find: Sủi Dìn Gốc Đa, 38 Le Loi Street, Hai Phong.
  • Price: 15,000 VND per bowl
Sủi Dìn - Sticky Rice Dumplings in Hai Phong

4. Lẩu Cua Đồng (Field Crab Hotpot)

Lẩu Cua Đồng features field crab, tofu, and a variety of vegetables in a flavorful broth. It’s a communal dish enjoyed with friends and family, making it a staple in social gatherings. The use of field crabs gives the hotpot a distinct, earthy flavor.

  • Where to Find: Lẩu Cua Đồng 245, 245 Lach Tray Street, Hai Phong.
  • Price: 100,000 VND (shared among 2-3 people)
Lẩu Cua Đồng - Field Crab Hotpot in Hai Phong

5. Bánh Mỳ Cay (Spicy Baguette)

Bánh Mỳ Cay, a small, crispy baguette filled with pâté and a special chili sauce, is a popular street food in Hai Phong. Known locally as “Bánh Mỳ Que,” these spicy sandwiches are perfect for a quick and tasty snack. The unique chili sauce sets this baguette apart from others.

  • Where to Find: Bánh Mỳ Cay Bà Già, 57 Le Loi Street, Hai Phong.
  • Price: 5,000 VND each
Bánh Mỳ Cay - Spicy Baguette in Hai Phong

6. Ốc (Snails)

Hai Phong is famous for its snail dishes, often cooked in various styles including steaming, grilling, and stir-frying with spices and herbs. These dishes are typically enjoyed with a tangy dipping sauce. Freshly sourced from local waters, the snails ensure high quality.

  • Where to Find: Ốc Thủy Dương, 30 Tran Phu Street, Hai Phong.
  • Price: 50,000 VND per plate
Ốc - Snail Dishes in Hai Phong

7. Chè Hoa Cau (Mung Bean Pudding)

Chè Hoa Cau, a traditional dessert made from mung beans, coconut milk, and tapioca pearls, is often served chilled. This sweet, creamy pudding offers a refreshing end to any meal. The addition of coconut milk gives it a rich, tropical flavor.

  • Where to Find: Chè Hoa Cau Lê Lợi, 18 Le Loi Street, Hai Phong.
  • Price: 10,000 VND per bowl
Chè Hoa Cau - Mung Bean Pudding in Hai Phong

8. Gỏi Nhệch (Raw Fish Salad)

Gỏi Nhệch, a raw fish salad made from fermented fish, herbs, and a tangy dressing, requires an adventurous palate but rewards with unique flavors and textures. The fermentation process gives the fish a distinctive, slightly tangy taste.

  • Where to Find: Gỏi Nhệch Lương Quán, 23 Luong Quan Street, Hai Phong.
  • Price: 60,000 VND per plate
Gỏi Nhệch - Raw Fish Salad in Hai Phong

9. Bún Tôm (Shrimp Noodle Soup)

Bún Tôm, a light and refreshing noodle soup featuring fresh shrimp, is perfect for seafood lovers. The clear broth, seasoned with herbs and spices, highlights the natural sweetness of the shrimp. Daily caught shrimp ensures freshness.

  • Where to Find: Bún Tôm Bà Lan, 42 Tran Nhat Duat Street, Hai Phong.
  • Price: 35,000 VND per bowl
Bún Tôm - Shrimp Noodle Soup in Hai Phong

10. Bánh Bèo (Water Fern Cake)

Bánh Bèo, small savory rice cakes topped with minced shrimp, pork, and green onions, served with fish sauce, is a popular snack in Hai Phong. These cakes are both delicious and satisfying. Steamed to perfection, the cakes have a soft, chewy texture.

  • Where to Find: Bánh Bèo Hàng Kênh, 116 Hang Kenh Street, Hai Phong.
  • Price: 20,000 VND per plate
Bánh Bèo - Water Fern Cake in Hai Phong

What to Buy with $5

In Hai Phong, $5 (around 115,000 VND) can go a long way. Enjoy a hearty meal of Bánh Đa Cua, grab a couple of Nem Cua Bể, or indulge in several Bánh Mỳ Cay. The affordability and diversity of street food make it easy to experience a variety of flavors without breaking the bank.

Taste More Vietnamese Delights

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