Vocal Locals

It probably goes without saying that most of the guests who join us on our tours are from out of town. But in the past few months we’ve found that more and more of our passengers are locals — people who are living in Saigon and have heard of us one way or another, eager for a chance to see the city with new eyes or to entertain visiting friends and family who’ve exhausted the limited sightseeing options listed in the guidebooks. Nothing makes us happier than to introduce area residents, whether short-term passers-through or long-timers, to a side of the city they’ve never seen before and had no idea even existed.

Last week we were joined by one such local resident named Tim Bishop, who’s here with his wife Lou working with CARE International. Yesterday Tim dropped a very nice post on his blog SaigonSays, in which he gives a full and detailed description of our Saigon Insider’s Tour, complete with an account of the young lady they encountered at the wet market in District 2 who was butchering frogs (now you know why they call it a wet market). Tim and Lou had previously joined us for our Saigon After Dark tour, which places them among the rather exclusive membership of local residents who’ve done at least two of our tours. (We need to come up with a compelling name for this club – suggestions welcome).

Thanks Tim for the excellent post! We hope to see you and Lou on our new Art & Architecture tour once we have it up and running in a few weeks!

The friendly drivers of Vietnam Vespa Adventures (©Manjit)

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