By Sally Writes

Two things that Vietnam has in great supply are Vespas and great coffee. In fact, there are now around 35 million Vespas on the streets of Vietnam. And when it comes to coffee, the country is the second largest coffee producer in the world. Both have become a huge part of the culture and economy here. There’s nothing much better than taking a break during a ride and finding a local friendly café to enjoy a delicious coffee while watching the world go by. But have you thought about switching your coffee to cold brew? It’s become the latest trend in coffee and its popularity is growing fast, particularly in hot weather. And most importantly, what is cold brew and how is it different to iced coffee? 

Cold Brew

  • Coffee brewed with cold water (never gets hot)
  • Lengthy brew time
  • Infused as a coffee concentrate
  • Contains less acid
  • Milder taste

Iced Coffee

  • Coffee made with hot water, then chilled or poured over ice
  • Fast brew time
  • A variety of brewing methods can be used
  • Can be made to taste bitter or weak

So, before you head out with your Vespa for your next adventure, find out further details about cold brew and iced coffee, and look forward to a new coffee experience on your next rest break.