Take a Walk on Cambodia’s Wildlife Safari

Cambodia’s wildlife safaris offer an unparalleled glimpse into the country’s rich biodiversity. From majestic elephants to elusive clouded leopards, Cambodia is home to a wide array of wildlife. Embark on a journey through its lush forests, wetlands, and national parks to discover the unique species that make this country a wildlife haven.

1. Asian Elephants

Asian elephants are the largest land mammals in Cambodia, known for their intelligence and social behavior. Once abundant, their numbers have dwindled due to habitat loss and poaching. Conservation efforts are crucial for their survival.

Where to Find: Mondulkiri Province, particularly in the Keo Seima Wildlife Sanctuary.

Asian elephants walking near the Bayon Temple , Cambodia.

2. Pileated Gibbon

Recognizable by their loud, haunting calls and distinctive black and white fur. These primates are arboreal, spending most of their lives in trees. They are critically endangered due to deforestation.

Where to Find: Virachey National Park and the forests of Ratanakiri Province.

Pileated gibbon swinging from tree branches in Virachey National Park, Cambodia.

3. Irrawaddy Dolphins

Freshwater dolphins with a distinctive rounded forehead and short beak. These dolphins are known for their unique, cooperative fishing techniques with local fishermen.

Where to Find: The Mekong River, particularly near Kratie.

Irrawaddy dolphins swimming in the Mekong River near Kratie, Cambodia.

4. Clouded Leopard

Notable for their striking, cloud-like spots and impressive climbing abilities. These elusive predators are seldom seen, making them a prized sighting for wildlife enthusiasts.

Where to Find: The Cardamom Mountains and Virachey National Park.

Clouded leopard perched on a tree branch in the Cardamom Mountains, Cambodia.

5. Giant Ibis

Cambodia’s national bird, known for its large size and distinctive long, curved bill. The giant ibis is critically endangered and is a key species in Cambodia’s wetland ecosystems.

Where to Find: Tmatboey in the Northern Plains, particularly during the dry season.

Giant ibis wading in wetlands of Tmatboey, Cambodia.

6. Siamese Crocodile

A critically endangered freshwater crocodile species known for its broad snout and smooth forehead. Conservation programs are vital as they face threats from habitat destruction and hunting.

Where to Find: The wetlands of the Cardamom Mountains, particularly in the Areng Valley.

Siamese crocodile resting in the waters of the Areng Valley, Cambodia.

7. Fishing Cat

A medium-sized wild cat that thrives in wetlands and is an adept swimmer. They hunt primarily in water, preying on fish and other aquatic animals.

Where to Find: Tonle Sap Lake and the surrounding floodplains.

Fishing cat hunting in the wetlands near Tonle Sap Lake, Cambodia.

8. Red-Shanked Douc

These primates are easily identified by their vivid red legs, white tails, and blue faces. They live in complex social groups and are known for their agility in the treetops.

Where to Find: Keo Seima Wildlife Sanctuary and Virachey National Park.

Red-shanked douc sitting in the treetops in Keo Seima Wildlife Sanctuary, Cambodia.

9. Bengal Florican

A large bird with striking black and white plumage, known for its spectacular courtship displays. The Bengal Florican is critically endangered, with less than 1,000 individuals left in the wild.

Where to Find: The floodplains of the Tonle Sap Lake and grasslands of the Northern Plains.

Bengal Florican displaying its plumage in the grasslands of the Northern Plains, Cambodia.

Embark on a Wildlife Adventure

Cambodia’s wildlife safaris offer a unique and enriching experience, showcasing the country’s incredible biodiversity. From the mighty Asian elephants to the rare Bengal Florican, each encounter adds to the adventure.

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