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Traditional Cambodian Clothing

Traditional Cambodian garments are like many other aspects of Cambodian culture: rich and vibrant. Cambodian clothing is tends to be very bright and beautifully embroidered. The styles have lasted throughout time since the Khmer Empire, and can be seen in present day Cambodia. The sampot  is the most common article of clothing. An array of...
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Hoi An scooter tours

Rice Harvest Time In Hoi An

The last rice harvest of the year has just started in Hoi An, and will continue for the next few weeks. If you book either of our two half day tours in Hoi An, the ‘Countryside & Islands Experience’ or the ‘Rural Village Experience’ – you will be able to witness the locals in action!...
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Vintage Vespa Hunting in Saigon

We were featured on a television show in Australia: Vintage Hunter. In the show Vintage Hunter, flea market junkie Dominic Johnson-Hill takes us on a journey across Asia to find captivating curios and antiques, both valuable and intriguing. It can be like finding a needle in a haystack, but whatever happens, it’s a road trip...
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Vocal Locals

It probably goes without saying that most of the guests who join us on our tours are from out of town. But in the past few months we’ve found that more and more of our passengers are locals — people who are living in Saigon and have heard of us one way or another, eager...
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